The TechBytes audiocast is one of the collaboration projects with Dr Roy Schestowitz and the TechRights website.  Its a weekly show which aims to discuss up to date IT news.  The show features special guests and creative commons music as well as putting forward our own opinions on current IT affairs.

Currently we have three hosts, with myself coming from the Luton area, Roy in Manchester and Rusty in the USA, its an audiocast that truly covers the length of the UK!

Recently we have taken the first steps into producing a video show and hope that another method of delivery will be as popular as Techbytes has been.

Bytes Media is the umbrella that encompasses all the collaboration work and whilst a WIP, the site can be found here: http://bytesmedia.co.uk/

I would like to say thank you to Tom Smith for allowing use of his excellent track “I fought the Troll”  You can see more of his work at www.tomsmithonline.com

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