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The economic drain of Microsoft – Where YOUR tax money is spent!

People still running a Windows system in the home will probably be able to appreciate the almost full time job of securing it against the latest malware, fixing nonsensical bugs which suddenly appear for no reasons and creating their own... Continue Reading →

The perfect distro for the Acer Aspire One?

Around June 2009 I purchased a Linux Acer Aspire One (Linpus Linux) and a pay as you go broadband dongle.  The idea was, whilst I was away on holiday I could keep my net presence, conduct a little blogging and have... Continue Reading →

Start saving – Windows 8 on its way?

A short snippet of a rumor.... For anyone who thought that their Windows 7 investment would not be "upgraded" for some time may have to think again. It is being alleged that the Dutch Microsoft site released a statement which... Continue Reading →

Microsoft – Test purchasing a PC near you! – Watch out small business?

Before we start this is the followup to my previous article (here). Lets begin by reminding ourselves of two comments made by Bill Gates - you might have heard of  him, he is/was? quite influential at Microsoft. 😉 It's easier for... Continue Reading →

Microsoft fears Windows XP? – or Ylmf.OS?

and a look at a new distro which aims to appeal to the Windows XP market with consideration of a recent ruling that has an XP "pirate" hit with a fine and jail. Its a question Ive asked time and... Continue Reading →

NEWS: Ubuntu Vs The World!

Well not exactly, but those nice people over at Phoronix have comparison benchmarks between Ubuntu and other Linux distros (something which Ive always been too lazy to get around to)  I would go into the results here, but it hardly... Continue Reading →

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