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Nokia’s IPcom patent problem

If it wasn’t bad enough that Nokia backed the three legged horse in the smartphone race (Windows Phone 7), its now got another problem on its hands. It is reported by the Wall Street Journal that a court has ruled Nokia is infringing a patent belonging to IPCom: The ruling means IPCom could seek an … Continue reading

More bad fortune for Nokia – The Microsoft disaster

Microsoft’s WP7 can be summarized by giving the example of a star collapsing in on itself – its dragging everything near it, in with it.  Nokia who to be fair have been suffering of late seem now to be in the death throes since their “arrangement” with Microsoft. Nokia shares crashed 15 per cent yesterday … Continue reading

Stating the obvious – Microsoft and open $ource

A rather short post today relating to an article which explores Microsoft’s relationship with open source and its future direction.  A rather interesting (if somewhat already known) piece which states: You know why I know Microsoft has no leadership and vision when it comes to Open-Source? Because I asked Steve Ballmer when he was in London, and … Continue reading

One mans patent is another mans future – AOL sells $billion+ in patents to Microsoft

What do you do when you have products which people are not buying? What do you do when you produce a product that fails to grasp the interest of the consumer in the same way as your competitor? Do you make your products desirable? – No need.   In todays modern world you don’t have … Continue reading

It can’t be! – The tablet hit with consumers!

… it will be Windows Phone 7 hell for Windows tablets when they finally have a real showing. Certain tech “experts” dismissed them, they said the tablet form factor would never replace the desktop. Whilst this could be put down to their lack knowledge, what is more likely was because they saw them as a threat … Continue reading

UK Government going ahead with Open Source

Intellect 2012 Open source and open standards are the direction for UK government IT, the civil servant leading the government’s technology change agenda has said. Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/02/10/open_source_government/ More often than not, the UK governments grasp on technology/software is rather vague to say the least.   We need look no further than BBClick to see the level in … Continue reading

Justice for the consumer who didn’t want Microsoft – An EU precedent?

Readers to OpenBytes may remember that a couple of years ago, I like many people bought a PC of my choice only to have Windows pre-installed.  It was unwanted, it was uneeded and presumably this forced inclusion, added to the claimed “sales figures” of Windows.  I enquired about a refund and after a little to and fro, … Continue reading

Windows declining market share – 6% drop for the product that gave you the BSOD.

Whilst Linux powered devices are celebrating a rather healthy Xmas (and 2011 in general) it seems the “lovable” Microsoft has yet more bad news on its hands.  Not content with the shame of Windows Phone 7 and its lack of interest in the face of Android and Apple products or its failure to keep hold … Continue reading

TechBytes Audiocast – Back for 2012! – A pre-Year 2 broadcast!

Intro music: “I fought the troll” by Tom Smith.  You can find more of his work here. Hosts: Tim (OpenBytes) Roy (Techrights) Rusty (The Show that Sux) TechBytes is back for 2012, Rusty is here and with the whole crew ready to go, we bring to 50 minutes or so of auditory lovelyness. Since this is a pre-Year … Continue reading

“Me too!” Microsoft gives social networking a go?

As if there is not enough evidence of Microsoft playing catch-up, there is now a “sneak” preview of Microsoft’s social networking service making the rounds in tech news. For many this news isn’t new since there have been rumours and “leaks” for quite some time which to be fair, haven’t exactly been met with any … Continue reading


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