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I've a video arriving shortly with an incredibly interesting interview with Michael Horn, which I've put much attention into, its an important interview for me and I'm sure you'll be impressed at how insightful and intelligent Michael is as well as the information which he has to offer being incredibly relevant to today. I've watched... Continue Reading →


Nintendo loses court case to Philips – Game over?

If Nintendo didn't have enough on its plate with sales figures suggesting its hardware is far from enjoying the success its previous devices have, now you can add a lost court case into the mix. It is reported: It was reported over the weekend by PureNintendo.com that Nintendo has lost a court case in the UK to Koninklijke... Continue Reading →


Just a few bits and pieces that I wanted to clear before the new week starts. Nintendo Sales - Fastest selling console in UK history? It is being reported that sales of the WII console have exceeded 6 million, which makes it the fastest selling console in UK history. David Yamon of Nintendo had this... Continue Reading →

The good, the bad and the Vista.

Or/ Roundup of snipets for the week. The recession has brought about many losses, most recently Joe Wilcox from Microsoft Watch.  Microsoft is reported to have stopped their plans for a bar on the Redmond Campus, cancelled their summer picnic and forced Steve Ballmer to wear deoderant instead of sending his shirts to the dry... Continue Reading →

NEWS: XBOX 360 – The end of the console?

Article by Goblin[RFD] That got your attention didnt it?  I often like to start my posts wilth a title that whilst relates to what Im talking about, it not really how it reads. It gets me hits anyway, and to all the MS shillers/agents/workers/employees/soul sellers, thanks for coming! I know youre itching to put your... Continue Reading →

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