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Nokia’s IPcom patent problem

If it wasn't bad enough that Nokia backed the three legged horse in the smartphone race (Windows Phone 7), its now got another problem on its hands. It is reported by the Wall Street Journal that a court has ruled... Continue Reading →

Nearly half a billion $ lost online – Microsoft’s continuing tale of woe

Despite what Microsoft advocates may claim about Windows 7 sales or office sales (lets face it there's no bragging about WP7) they can't seem to talk up  their online efforts. It is reported over at Business Insider that this quarter... Continue Reading →

UK Government going ahead with Open Source

Intellect 2012 Open source and open standards are the direction for UK government IT, the civil servant leading the government's technology change agenda has said. Source: More often than not, the UK governments grasp on technology/software is rather vague to say... Continue Reading →

Justice for the consumer who didn’t want Microsoft – An EU precedent?

Readers to OpenBytes may remember that a couple of years ago, I like many people bought a PC of my choice only to have Windows pre-installed.  It was unwanted, it was uneeded and presumably this forced inclusion, added to the... Continue Reading →

Microsoft, MC Hammer and mobiles – its old news and new news!

I want no connection drawn between the legend that is MC Hammer and the "company" that is Microsoft, there's old news and surprising news to be had in the world of tech today! First up  - MC Hammer, the singer who was... Continue Reading →

VB coming to WP7 – “Users, users, users” What WP7 really needs?

WP7, the phone which we have covered many times on the TechBytes audiocast, is in the news again.  There are reports that VB will soon be available for developers for WP7.  Great news?  Well if you read Microsoft-Watch and their... Continue Reading →

Microsoft – A modern day tale of (November) woe? What MS says != reality?

Today I thought that I would present a list of articles/links which hardly put Microsoft in the same light as its PR agents and boosters would want you to know.  On TechBytes Audiocast we have  often mentioned that what Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Start saving – Windows 8 on its way?

A short snippet of a rumor.... For anyone who thought that their Windows 7 investment would not be "upgraded" for some time may have to think again. It is being alleged that the Dutch Microsoft site released a statement which... Continue Reading →

NewsBytes – Saturday 28th August 2010

XP RIP 25/10/01 - 22/10/10 It seems Microsoft is going to retire Windows XP on 22nd October - no, really this time! As reported by one of the few MVP's I have respect for: ...Windows XP, up to this point,... Continue Reading →

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