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Scareware – Symantec come under fire. A sign of a struggling marketplace?

A little opinion post where after Xmas and the rise of non-desktop form factor’s and platforms, I look at recent allegations made towards Symantec and ask, is this to be expected? Over on ZDnet it’s being reported that Symantec is coming under fire after a series of incidents which are alleged to be misleading to consumers.  ZDnet … Continue reading

MICROSOFT – Vulnerability patch on Monday

The summer provides many of us with a nice holiday or two and whilst the IT scene seems to dry up a little (in respect of the subjects I like to write about) Microsoft has had its fair share of woes over the last week.   Lets cover one now, another vulnerability of Windows. Microsoft … Continue reading

Windows under attack on two fronts? Even more problems ahead?

Readers to this site may remember that recently we covered the issue of Bitdefender identifying Window system critical file as being malicious code.  Personally I thought the original diagnosis was correct and the software identifying Windows as a virus was a testament to the “intelligence” of its coding. I am sure that McAfee also had a … Continue reading

Windows the trojan – Bitdefender is spot on?

Its being reported that users of the virus software Bitdefender have had a surprise with their latest update. Allegedly Bitdefender has identified several parts of Windows as a trojan, fixed them and subsequently brought down Windows. Being flippant, one could argue that Bitdefender was merely doing its job and identifying Windows as a trojan was correct, … Continue reading


I Continue reading

WINDOWS 7/MICROSOFT & RIPA – Where do they stand?

This article is meant more as “food for thought” than as any sort of definative word on what MS’s policy and or implementation is of DRM when Windows 7 is finally released (this post was inspired by a strange claim on MSwatch that implied Windows 7 users would be reported on if they were believed … Continue reading

NEWS: FACEBOOK EXPLOIT – Guess whos the target?

It seems our Lord of the Shills this week couldnt have made a more poorly timed comment of: “Vista introduced huge improvements to how users kept their personal data secure.” Andre Da Costa 25/11/08 Andre’s Blog as it is being reported that there is a new exploit being aimed at Facebook users, more specifically Windows … Continue reading

NEWS: BBC heads towards Opensource & Windows security!

Writing a blog about Linux, and in particular posts about Microsoft issues is probably about the easiest thing to do.  There are so many stories around the net.  Be it disgruntled customers complaining about a product, one of MS’s “great new innovations” or an MS-Shill who doesnt really have a clue and just copy/pastes from … Continue reading


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