Scareware – Symantec come under fire. A sign of a struggling marketplace?

A little opinion post where after Xmas and the rise of non-desktop form factor's and platforms, I look at recent allegations made towards Symantec and ask, is this to be expected? Over on ZDnet it's being reported that Symantec is coming under fire after a series of incidents which are alleged to be misleading to consumers.  ZDnet... Continue Reading →


MICROSOFT – Vulnerability patch on Monday

The summer provides many of us with a nice holiday or two and whilst the IT scene seems to dry up a little (in respect of the subjects I like to write about) Microsoft has had its fair share of woes over the last week.   Lets cover one now, another vulnerability of Windows. Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Windows the trojan – Bitdefender is spot on?

Its being reported that users of the virus software Bitdefender have had a surprise with their latest update. Allegedly Bitdefender has identified several parts of Windows as a trojan, fixed them and subsequently brought down Windows. Being flippant, one could argue that Bitdefender was merely doing its job and identifying Windows as a trojan was correct,... Continue Reading →

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