Sky blocks the Pirate Bay – Pointless and hypocritical?

Its now a few days since Sky blocked its customers from Pirate Bay after the High Court ruling encompassing UK ISP's. In the time its taken for ISP's to get their act together and ban it, already, numerous other methods of access have become available rendering the initial ruling effectively useless and serving to do... Continue Reading →


No P2P for Irish Vodaphone customers? – and then a change of mind?

Vodaphone, the provider of mobile and broadband services has allegedly prohibited the use of p2p protocols on its networks albeit verbally.  Whilst a p2p blow to the phone service would be bad enough, the fact that they have taken the step to hit the desktop services aswel would be for many, a step too far.... Continue Reading →

NewsBytes – Thursday 2nd September 2010

uTorrent for Linux nearly here! I reported a few months back that due to popular demand (so much for an alleged 0.8% Linux usage) the makers of uTorrent announced that they would be releasing a Linux version of the popular Windows binary. uTorrent server has just been released for Linux and a full client is... Continue Reading →

Users want a Linux port of uTorrent?

uTorrent probably ranks as the most popular torrent client on the web and at any given time (and on any swarm) you can almost guarantee that the majority of peers/seeders will be running one version or another of it.  I think its fair to say that for most Windows users uTorrent is the first port... Continue Reading →

Digital Economy Bill – My interpretation

Over the last few months Ive covered many topics on piracy.  Ive tried to suggest possible alternatives although from what Ive seen the argument falls into two distinct categories, those who wish to legislate with other the top and unnecessarily complex rules/operating polices/legislation and those on the other side of the argument who seem to... Continue Reading →

Piratebay – Pay to torrent?

Its been announced that the, one the definitive site for all the "IP liberal" is now to become a monthly pay site after being offered 7.8million by the Global Gaming Factory.  Ive said before I am against piracy, however as a FOSS user its not really a big concern to me.  I have no... Continue Reading →

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