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Ubuntu One for Windows & Microsoft cash?

Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu.  Probably a word that for many is synonymous with Linux.   Forgetting that Ubuntu is a distro that new users often try first and forgetting the many users who champion it, Canonical in the last week or so has made some many bold statements/steps/implications in regards to its future, its position in … Continue reading

Ubuntu One – A new service from Canonical.

A short snippet of news for Ubuntu users that are running 9.04.  Canonical is currently working on providing online filespace which with the appropriate software fits seamlessly into your Ubuntu distro. Currently the service is invite only with 2gb of storage space offered for free with an upgrade to 10gig for $10.  I hope users … Continue reading


Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson

Writer/Novelist of many facets, both in the world of technology and fantasy/sci-fi. Co-host of the TechBytes audiocast.  Supporter of free and open source software.

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