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MUD glorious MUD: Interactive literature & gaming

Today I’m going to look at MUD.  If you are already familiar with Multi User Dungeon’s, then you can probably skip most of this article. So what is a MUD? It’s basically a text adventure game where locations are described with text rather than pictures.  It can be played in a browser or with a … Continue reading

APP FOCUS: Blowtorch 1.1.3 for Android & a consideration of MUD

I am encouraged by the the release of ebook readers and their massive popularity.  As readers of this blog and listeners to the audio-cast will know, I am not a big fan of TV & Film, infact if it wasn’t for the PS3 and the once a year tradition of Doctor Who, I’d happily throw … Continue reading

First impressions: Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim (PS3)

Morrowind on the PC, a game that required a Skynet of specs but one which I hadn’t had so much enjoyment from since I played Elite 2 – Frontier.  Years later, I bought Morrowind for the Xbox and the expansion packs – it was a great “open world” experience.  Then came Oblivion, even bigger, even … Continue reading

Quick look: Spiral Knights (A Java RPG)

World of Warcraft this isn’t however it would, in my view be suitable for younger players. Zelda and Final Fantasy are two names which most owners of consoles will be familiar with and whilst you either loved or hated them (in my case the later) don’t think as a Linux user (or any other user) … Continue reading

REVIEW: RYZOM – A Science Fantasy Linux MMORPG!

I’ve covered many Linux titles over the years and given particular attention to the MMORPG genre since it’s probably the only genre which I return to out of preference.   Whilst I find myself with ever-decreasing time to dedicate to arguably the most time-consuming gaming genre,  I do take every opportunity to review new discoveries … Continue reading

REVIEW: Auteria – A Linux MMORPG you may have missed!

The world of Auteria is the setting for this MMORPG with its diverse range of landscapes,  from Jungles to deserts, mountains to caves, villages to cities.  Whilst you will probably agree that this is a rather common setting for a MMORPG even on Linux which has a more limited choice than other platforms, theres something … Continue reading

Linux Gaming – The RPG question.

“North“, “East“,”East“,”Kill Skeleton” – The online RPG has come along way since the days of MUD and whilst MUD’s are still popular (and are certainly a pastime I enjoy on occasion for protracted period), things have moved on somewhat.  For the better? Thats for you to decide. Probably the MMORG that has brought the concept … Continue reading

REVIEW: REGNUM – Not a system command, another RPG!

Article by Goblin[RFD] Sounding more like a system command rather than a game, Regnum is the latest discovery ive made in the world of free online RPG’s and more importantly, native Linux ones. After downloading 290mb of game installation, I was ready to go adventuring!  First Ill mention the GFX, nice, and on my GFX … Continue reading


I have to admit, online RPG’s are a favourite of mine.  Up until now I prided myself on the knowledge that if something was open source/freeware and was a little special, I knew about it.  I spend hours searching sites for hidden gems and great works.  So it supprises me when, purely by clicking on … Continue reading

REVIEW: ETERNAL LANDS – Online roleplaying!

SCORE: 89% – “Probably the best free online RPG Ive ever played!” I love online RPG’s and even more so when they are free.  Eternal Lands is one that I played often on the Windows platform, however I never got around to installing it when I went 100% Linux.  I have now rectified that, and … Continue reading


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