Puppy Arcade 9 – New release!

Gaming not what it used to be?  Bored by the plethora of 3rd person shooters which seem to dominate the games market? Well there has been no reason to say that ever since Puppy Arcade had it's first release -  Puppy Arcade caters for probably every platform of yesteryear you could want and then some... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Puppy Arcade 8 (LiveCD 105mb)

Puppy Arcade is one of the few Linux distro's that Openbytes tries to keep following.  Since version 5, Puppy Arcade has not only been a favorite with friends and colleagues, but also has a home on a few of my machines around the house that would otherwise be obsolete.  Ive had the pleasure of a... Continue Reading →

XMAME 0.106 w/ gxmame 0.35beta2 (front-end)

Complicated title?  I did try!  In a nutshell MAME is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (version 0.106) which has been a project running for many years.  A commandline emulator which has many front-ends released for it, and one of the best ones in my opinion is gxmame (version in use 0.35beta2)  Xmame is the Linux... Continue Reading →


The world of FOSS is not simply limited to the PC or the many homebrew games played on vintage systems either natively or via an emulator, development for current platforms is possible and it is for this reason I am running this article on the R4 Revolution for the DS.  How did I come by... Continue Reading →

SITE: The Old Computer.com

I have run quite a few sucessfull blogs/sites that Ive handed over to others over the years.  I come from a GFX coding background and on coders forums have made many friends.   Since the Nectarine site was brought down, Ive met other like-minded people, so yet again I have been supprised with this little gem... Continue Reading →

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