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Python 2.7.1 rc1 – released!

Today in comp.language.python.announce: On behalf of the Python development team, I'm chuffed to announce the a release candidate of Python 2.7.1. Please test the release candidate with your packages and report any bugs you find.  2.7.1 final is scheduled in... Continue Reading →

Around the Web – Some gems Ive found on my travels.

Thought I would add a regular article which covers some of my discoveries on the net which have not received a post of their own but deserve a mention.  If you follow @_Goblin on Twitter then you may be aware... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: GO OLLIE! – Platforming fun on our beloved Linux!

Review by Goblin[RFD] There has been quite alot of seriousness on my blog over the recent weeks, so I find myself reviewing another Linux platform game, this time by Tweeler.  I saw it originally mentioned on the Linux Game Tome,... Continue Reading →

PYTHON: TKinter video tutorials for beginners!

Article by GoblinRFD More of a link than an article.  I have always wanted to do a video tutorial, and always had other things to do.  I stumbled recently across an email highlighting two tutorials for using TKinter (a set... Continue Reading →


Python, the cross platform, highlevel language is one of the more popular options for Linux users. This book is aimed at the more experienced coder, but it is a valuable one to have.  Best of all it is free! You... Continue Reading →

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