Puppy Arcade 6 – The retro pup goes from strength to strength!

Puppy Arcade 5 was featured recently and I was lucky enough to have a Q&A with its creator Scott Jarvis.  Without me repeating what was said in the last review, you can see it here.  Suffice to say I can't recomend it highly enough and Puppy Arcade 6 continues that tradition with some important (and... Continue Reading →


Nintendo Emulation w/ Linux! – All you need to know! (and a little more)

I have received a few emails asking about emulation on the Linux platform.  These questions were mostly by Windows users who enjoy running retro titles and don't know much about Linux and its thriving emulation scene.   From being active in many forums I think retro gaming is one of the most popular pastimes of... Continue Reading →

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