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Misc news: Updates, WII U sales, NX predictions, Weather and the tech baffled.

I’ve a video arriving shortly with an incredibly interesting interview with Michael Horn, which I’ve put much attention into, its an important interview for me and I’m sure you’ll be impressed at how insightful and intelligent Michael is as well as the information which he has to offer being incredibly relevant to today. I’ve watched … Continue reading

Nintendo – Dropped the ball? The WII U fails the future proof test?

I’ve discovered first hand the enthusiasm that Nintendo users/supporters/consumers have for their ecosystem and console.  Maybe the greatest example of devotion was that on G+ where the merest suggestion that the WII U was lacking in spec’s was met with the age old “its the games”, “gameplay is more important” – both of which valid … Continue reading

Microsoft now #failing with the console too?

Despite getting the early start with its 360, its appearing that Microsoft is now losing the console battle which can be added to the list of other “battles” such as smartphones and search.  For the last two years it is allegedly being outsold by the Bluray equipped PS3. It is reported that Sony’s PS3 shipped 2.2m more … Continue reading

The week in review – ending Sunday 13/03/2011

I’ve decided to have a new section on the Openbytes blogazine where I take a look at my views and experiences over the previous week.  Some of these topics may be covered on the TechBytes show, but mainly it will be subjects and opinions which are too large for a Tweet/Dent and haven’t had an … Continue reading

Sony to obtain IP details of all visitors to Geohot’s site

In the past Ive covered many of my concerns regarding Microsoft’s actions, however maybe as a testament to Microsoft losing power in the IT world I find myself having less enthusiasm/interest in a company which to me is slowly loosing its grip on just about everything in the world of IT/tech. With that in mind … Continue reading

Console wars – Microsoft failing with the 360? & Killzone 3 public beta (PS3)

Xbox 360 – Had its time? Theres long been a “console war”, long before the BSOD there were console wars which didn’t involve the name “Microsoft”.  We’ve had Sega/Nintendo, Nintendo/Sony…the list goes on and in the history of console gaming Microsoft has entered pretty late. Over the Xmas period I noted that the PS3 was … Continue reading

NewsBytes: Google, Bittorrent, ACS:Law and Sony’s Android app.

Numerous commitments have meant fewer updates on OpenBytes.  Today, I am collecting a few articles of interest which will hopefully be at least touched upon on the next TechBytes show. As we march into 2011, amid the noise and the haste, one thing is clear – Android is everywhere, whilst the year of the Linux … Continue reading

Sony’s solution for root key hack? – Is a more open system really that bad?

It is both misguided and irresponsible to think that any platform is completely secure.  There is no such thing as a unhackable system.  Recently its been widely reported that Sony’s PS3 had its root key exposed (and subsequently posted on the internet) opening up the system for a whole range of purposes. Whilst the gaming … Continue reading

TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 23 – 02/01/11

Intro music: “I fought the troll” by Tom Smith.  You can find more of his work here. Hosts: Tim (OpenBytes) Roy (Techrights) Gordon (Thistleweb) Featured Track: “L.E.O” by Oleg Serkov You can download episode 23 of the TechBytes show here. Its 2011 and your favourite three hosts bring you the first episode of the new year.  Whilst … Continue reading

Early Xmas sales figures – Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo & The Kindle

Whilst it appears only Amazon has released details of what has sold over the Xmas period, I will take a look at some (unscientific) trends and observations that can be drawn from them. I believe 2011 will be a very interesting time in the “console wars”, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all be competing for … Continue reading


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