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City of London Police – Getting results or using weasel words?

Piracy is wrong, piracy is theft.  That’s that we are told.  I personally refuse to watch the trash from Hollywood or your mainstream music et al, mainly because I think its manufactured nonsense aimed at markets either too lazy or too slow witted to find entertainment in more engaging mediums (such as reading, listening to … Continue reading

DUPLICITY – Copyright parasites stay silent?

There’s nothing like the smell of duplicity in the morning and maybe that stench is strongest around the annals of the copyright parasites that seek to lobby, legislate and fine, those “evil” people they call “Pirates”. Of course over the years there has been much pillaging and plundering, but I’d suggest thats more from the … Continue reading

Sky blocks the Pirate Bay – Pointless and hypocritical?

Its now a few days since Sky blocked its customers from Pirate Bay after the High Court ruling encompassing UK ISP’s. In the time its taken for ISP’s to get their act together and ban it, already, numerous other methods of access have become available rendering the initial ruling effectively useless and serving to do … Continue reading

Snooping law – Why be concerned? Its the UK Government!

Probably one of the most hotly debated topics which has raged on in respect of the net for many years is privacy.  On one hand people seem to want transparency, sharing of data, collaboration and openness, yet on the other want all that wrapped up in a package that allows them to retain their privacy … Continue reading

UK is unprepared for Cybercrime – A look at “Digital Britain” and a prediction for its future.

The news that alleged Lulzsec member Mr Cleary being brought before the courts is widespread.  Its very telling that this “growing industry” of crime is hitting the mainstream press and it also shows how completely unprepared and unskilled the UK is in dealing with it. I am sure the government and its agencies will claim … Continue reading

ACS:LAW on BBC 1 – Thursday 10th March @ 7pm

It would have been hard to have missed the drama played out in a London court involving Andrew Crossley and his firm ACS:Law. As 2011 progresses, I have the feeling that Mr Crossley is going to be rather busy answering questions from the SRA and the information commissioner in respect of the events occurring late … Continue reading

CRAMER PELMONT – 2 day u-turn? and what of the others?

The ongoing battle against alleged unlawful file sharing continues as its reported that Cramer & Pelmont were the “new kids on the block” in the world of what has been dubbed speculative invoicing or were they?  Cramer & Pelmont seem to have the record for the quickest u-turn and whilst they were reportedly not going … Continue reading

No court order for Gallant Macmillan today!

Filtering through the internet is news that Gallant Macmillan did not walk away from the High Court today with an order for demanding names of IP addresses from BTplc and instead the matter has been adjourned to a later date (whilst the court examines more closely the concerns) .  As reported in the Guardian BTplc said: … Continue reading

Gallant Macmillan – site is down but 4chan not to blame? Who’s next?

It’s being reported by some tech writers that Gallant Macmillan might have been taken down with a new ddos by users from 4chan (It also suggests the possibility that the site was taken down intentionally by its owners.) It is unclear whether the host disconnected the domain in advance of the attack or whether Gallant … Continue reading

“More faces than Mount Rushmore” – Microsoft’s about turn? No alliance with Russian Government?

I refer readers back to my article only a few days ago, where in reference to what I perceived as the “two-faced” Microsoft, I said: Microsoft, you’ve got to love them, they’ve got more faces than Mount Rushmore…. You can read the rest of that article here. After reports of Microsoft allegedly aiding the Russian … Continue reading


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