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Sky blocks the Pirate Bay – Pointless and hypocritical?

Its now a few days since Sky blocked its customers from Pirate Bay after the High Court ruling encompassing UK ISP’s. In the time its taken for ISP’s to get their act together and ban it, already, numerous other methods of access have become available rendering the initial ruling effectively useless and serving to do … Continue reading

Microsoft take-down requests – needs its own house in order first?

By now its common knowledge that Google has released publically, figures on the takedown requests it has recieved from copyright holders and their affiliates.  Microsoft figured heavily in this release which is what I wish to look at a little closer and maybe offer some alternative reasoning to the requests themselves. Firstly, this article is … Continue reading

“Piracy” & Privacy – Can the UK ever get it right?

With ACS:Law and its current issues that it has to deal with and the DEB which appears about as well thought out as the flight of Icarus, we learn that the UK may find itself in court over privacy breaches on the internet.  We all remember Phorm and the fuss around it, so it comes … Continue reading

Piracy Bill – Has Ed Vaizey actually considered this issue at all?

The Telegraph is reporting today on how the Digital Economy Act will be met in order to tackle online piracy or copyright infrigement.  You can read the Telegraphs article here. People may remember that its proposed that alleged infringers of copyright are sent a number of warning letters before sanctions and eventually a ban is … Continue reading

No P2P for Irish Vodaphone customers? – and then a change of mind?

Vodaphone, the provider of mobile and broadband services has allegedly prohibited the use of p2p protocols on its networks albeit verbally.  Whilst a p2p blow to the phone service would be bad enough, the fact that they have taken the step to hit the desktop services aswel would be for many, a step too far. … Continue reading

NewsBytes – Saturday 28th August 2010

XP RIP 25/10/01 – 22/10/10 It seems Microsoft is going to retire Windows XP on 22nd October – no, really this time! As reported by one of the few MVP’s I have respect for: …Windows XP, up to this point, was one of the most popular versions of Windows and continues to dominate the desktop … Continue reading

DCC, Bittorrent and Usenet – Is Bittorrent so great?

I’ve written many articles touching on this subject, but I wanted to look at it with a little more detail as whilst we see a massive surge in Net traffic in regards to file sharing ; as is often the case, has the best tech “won”?  Since the vast magority of file-sharing on a p2p … Continue reading

NewsBytes – Tuesday 24th August 2010

The 360 for at least another 5 years Microsoft is reported to have announced that the 360 is going to be around for the next five years, making it 10 years old before it will allegedly be replaced (if at all)  I reported at the time the Kinect was announced (and have been quoted as … Continue reading

AFACT v iiNet – An appeal with no hope or something to be encouraged?

I love Australia, beautiful country, people and landscape.  It’s nice to write about a place which next year I hope to visit. It’s being reported on Torrentfreak that AFACT (the Australian version of what us Brits have – FACT) is appealing a previous decision in a copyright infringement case against iiNet. I would recommend you read … Continue reading

Ofcom and its Code of Practice

It’s been a busy few months here in the (now) sunny UK.  Not only did we see the Digital Economy Bill rushed through parliament but also a coalition government with allegedly the liberal democrats wanting to get rid of it with the conservatives seemingly quite happy with it. It is now being reported that Ofcom … Continue reading


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