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A look at: MikeOS 4.1.1 – A barebones OS written totally in Assembly.

With so many projects in the world of Tech, its very easy to spend time merely focusing on the most common apps/distros, be it Firefox, Chromium, Ubuntu, Fedora or discussions about Gnome3, Unity or other hot topics from recent news.... Continue Reading →

Cloud over the IT world in 2010? – Survey results & what next for Windows?

As we end 2009, what will be the hot topic of 2010? Regular readers to this blog will remember the questions I posed in regards to the resistance from some quarters about computing in the cloud.  My argument went something... Continue Reading →


MICROSOFT'S FRIDAY 13th?  GOOGLE'S OS OUT IN A WEEK (ALLEGEDLY) Friday 13th might only be an unlucky day through superstition, however it may be more real for Microsoft.  It is being rumoured that the eagerly awaited Google OS is going... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: PCLinuxOS 2009.2

Written by Chips B Malroy Welcome to my review of PCLinuxOS 2009.2.  This is a 32 bit KDE desktop based on Mandriva, and as some like to call it, the better Mandriva.  Myself, I cannot say that, because I have... Continue Reading →


This distro was brought to my attention in the BN IRC room, and whilst my distro hopping machine had difficulties with it (its a little anti social at the moment) I gave it a run on one of the many... Continue Reading →

A question to Microsoft? Whats unique about Windows 7?

I recently saw a twit from user stephenlrose , allegedly a "Sr Community Mgr for Windows (IT Pros)" and asked him the question Openbytes has been asking for many months and never recieved a proper reply.  As readers here have... Continue Reading →

“DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” – Andre Da Costa and friends!

So it appears after asking Andre Da Costa the question 15 times (please read this post), he is still not ready to answer yes or no.  Thats fine, I will draw inference from his silence. Maybe Andre is too busy... Continue Reading →

AROS – The rebirth of the AmigaOS?

I think its no secret that my first true love (in a computer sense) was the Commodore Amiga, its operating system and the PD scene.   Its purpose? To be an OS thats compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 at the API level.... Continue Reading →

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