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Microsoft take-down requests – needs its own house in order first?

By now its common knowledge that Google has released publically, figures on the takedown requests it has recieved from copyright holders and their affiliates.  Microsoft figured heavily in this release which is what I wish to look at a little... Continue Reading →

Stating the obvious – Microsoft and open $ource

A rather short post today relating to an article which explores Microsoft's relationship with open source and its future direction.  A rather interesting (if somewhat already known) piece which states: You know why I know Microsoft has no leadership and vision when... Continue Reading →

UK Government going ahead with Open Source

Intellect 2012 Open source and open standards are the direction for UK government IT, the civil servant leading the government's technology change agenda has said. Source: More often than not, the UK governments grasp on technology/software is rather vague to say... Continue Reading →

Microsoft has lost out again? – Kinect now freed from the 360?

Recently a company called Adafruit made a challenge to coders worldwide to write open source drivers for the Microsoft Kinect technology.  They even offered $2000 reward for the person who could do it.  As you would expect, Microsoft wasn't too... Continue Reading →

TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 2 – 07/11/10

Despite not having a guest this week we had quite a bit to talk about.  In this show we looked at Silverlight and an apparent fall from Microsoft grace. I talk about David Cameron's comments on Copyright law / IP... Continue Reading →

Bing on Android – Microsoft rides the coat tails of Android again?

We start this article reminding ourselves of some comments Steve Ballmer has made in regards to Android.  You may have heard about Android, its a rather popular mobile platform which Microsoft is thinking it is going to be able to... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Peppermint – Cloud/Lightweight distro & Considering the cloud?

Linux and its diverse range of distributions are developing at a very fast pace.  Nearly every day on Distrowatch I see something new and whilst I would like to take a look at everything, the popularity and demand for Linux... Continue Reading →

Codeplex Foundation – Microsoft loves FOSS?

Microsoft is alleged to be launching a foundation to support to Open Source software and its ethos. The interim president is non other than Sam Ramji, who recently announced he was leaving Microsoft and his position of open source czar... Continue Reading →

Microsoft on Twitter! Flanakin Microwalker on Windows 7!

*Disclaimer* Whilst some of our Microsoft faithful claim Im a hater and baiter, I would like to stress that this article is presented in a light hearted, tongue in cheek way with a serious question.  Why cant IT be fun... Continue Reading →

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