Government wants to break free from Microsoft? – France shows you how.

I will start this article covering two matters on the Web in regards to Microsoft software and government.  It's reported that Bristol Council is having some difficulty breaking away from its Microsoft "lock-in" (which might not surprise some) however does suggest that its making inquiries in all the right places in order to bring about... Continue Reading →


Prices, Promotions and extortion – The One Microsoft Way ?

It's a shame that I released the previous article so quickly since I really could have amalgamated these two together for a better overview of recent actions.  If the summer is traditionally a quiet period for tech news, then I think this next piece signals the end of it. Previously I wrote regarding Microsoft having a... Continue Reading →

NewsBytes – Monday 23rd August 2010

Kinect beaten by Sony Move Poor old Microsoft just can't seem to get it right?  Kinect, Microsoft's attempt in my opinion to suck a little more life out of the 360 has been beaten by Sony's similar offering (Move) which won "Best hardware accessory". CVG had this to say: The jury, which consisted of celebrated... Continue Reading →

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