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NewsBytes 9th November 2010 – Nvidia says no to Wayland, Canonical, Op Payback & LimeWire rises from the grave?

Operation Payback is finished? For now? Its being reported over on Slyck that Operation Payback has now concluded for the time being.  For those that were following this story (and you'd be hard pushed not to)  Operation Payback was responsible... Continue Reading →

TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 3 – 08/11/10

TechBytes - The collaboration of  Openbytes and So here we have our third show.  The first question you may have is why only one day after our second.  The reasoning is this, we are still finding our "audiocasting feet"... Continue Reading →

Snow Leopard more interesting than Windows 7? & News bytes 16/12/09

Twitter Trends for 2009 - Microsoft beaten by Apple and Google? The Twitter blog is showing the most popular trends for 2009.  What is interesting is that in the technology section it shows Snow Leopard ranking 2 places higher than Windows... Continue Reading →

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