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The perfect distro for the Acer Aspire One?

Around June 2009 I purchased a Linux Acer Aspire One (Linpus Linux) and a pay as you go broadband dongle.  The idea was, whilst I was away on holiday I could keep my net presence, conduct a little blogging and have... Continue Reading →

Number 7 your time is up! – You’ve had the taster, now pay the reaper…

and other items of interest regarding the people who brought you Vista! Firstly I appologise for the quiet site this last week, numerous commitments (both work and home) have forced me to put the blogazine on the shelf for the... Continue Reading →

Kahel OS (version 12-25-09) (Gnome)

The first distro I am looking at for the new year is Kahel OS, a distro based on Arch and hailing from the Philipines, it makes some bold statements and made it impossible for me to ignore!  Distrowatch seems to... Continue Reading →

Google Chrome OS – Built on Linux!

Information released! After much speculation (and a few faked screenshots) it appears we finally have word from Google as to what & when. Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks.... Continue Reading →

Chromium (build

Before publishing an article which I am really looking forward to - Ahhh Youre killing the FOSS! I thought I would post an update on my experiences with the latest build of Chromium, that being Please note that this... Continue Reading →

Microsoft backs down? Starters 3 app limit removed?

We all remember the articles around Vista 7 Starter having a 3 apps limit, a move which presumably Microsoft wanted to encourage customers to upgrade to one of the other (more expensive) versions of 7. It comes as little surprise... Continue Reading →

*BREAKING NEWS* 10 Versions of Windows 7?

Short piece of breaking news (if true) Thanks to the Twitter user Microsoft_cares, heres a link to an article alleging there will be 10 versions of Windows 7.  Thats keeping it simple then. At the present time, this hasnt been... Continue Reading →


AS LONG AS YOU DONT PLAN ON RUNNING MORE THAN THREE APPLICATIONS AT THE SAME TIME. This is a new piece of news to me, so I appologize if some have already read this. There are many bloggers, both honest... Continue Reading →

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