DEMOVIBES – Nectarine is reborn and on top form

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A few readers to my blog may recall the article I wrote when the excellent streamed Nectarine site was hacked and brought down by a script kiddie who had nothing better to do.  After that happened the support from the sites fans was massive, this blog received massive hits from users desperately trying to find out what had happened to their beloved site, and when organizers of the site asked for donations to help restart the project, again the response to them was overwhelming.  That was a testament to how much the site was loved by its users.

For those who didnt see my original reports and the comments of support that were made, you can read them HERE and HERE.

The site provided streaming of a massive library of old demo scene tracks that anyone who was living through the late 80’s and 90’s will remember fondly.

I am now pleased to report (and shame on me for not keeping up to date with the site) that its back up and running with a new logo, new admins, but the same great site it always was (if not better)

I strongly urge anyone with a love of electronic/retro demo scene music to get over to this site and support it.  The community is friendly and relaxed and once signed up (obviously for free) you can request songs, get involved in chat and all manner of demo sceney things!


NEWS: Nectarine up and running (in a limited capacity) Hooray!

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Article by Goblin[RFD]

Yes I know for the many Nectarine fans this is old news, but for everyone else, let me tell you a story.  Its a story about a great scene radio site that was brought down by a script lamer and now due to a dedicated and loyal fanbase is back up and running (in a limited capacity) but is well on its way to its former glory!

I cannot say enough good things about Nectarine Radio, it provides listeners with streaming scene/computer music.  I urge everyone to get over to the site and offer their help.

A big thank you to all who are helping Nectarine at the moment and in particular Terrasque who I had the pleasure of speaking with on IRC recently.

Visit the new Nectarine location here.

There is also IRC chat available.  I would hope people use the facility, and if you see me on, why not chat?  Click here to visit.

NEWS: Nectarine owner comments.

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Article by GoblinRFD

Some news to give all fans of Nectarine Radio a little hope, was posted today, when the owner of Nectarine posted a comment.   Heres what he had to say:

Thanks all for your support.
Just let me some times to know if something could be saved or not.

In october i will answer everyone if the website will be back or not. Just let me some time to take fresh air …


Yes / Brainstorm

The support for Nectarine Radio has been very apparent to me.  My blog hits increased massively with the mention of Nectarine, and thats a testiment to its popularity.  Lets hope Christophe has a relaxing break, and lets hope for the return of the site very soon.