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A GIMP replacement? – Popping down the pub for a “Pinta” with Novell?

There has been talk for some time regarding the removal of the default GIMP packaging from Ubuntu, now as Gnome DE seems to move more in a Mono direction, could it be that Ubuntu (and others) will go for a... Continue Reading →

GIMP to go Mono to stay?

Since Im suffering with the seasonal flu that does its rounds, this article was intended to be published rather earlier, as such I have only just got around to spell checking and publishing. Its being reported that GIMP will be... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft saying “Please use our products”? – MS pleads for support?

SILVERBLIGHT - THE WOULD-BE PANDEMIC, IF ANYONE HAD IT Theres a few pieces of Microsoft news here.  Firstly its been reported over the last few days that Microsoft is releasing Silverlight for Moblin.  No, not some .net chasing version like... Continue Reading →

ITV Dumps Silverlight (and not before time!)

The success of BBCiplayer cannot be denied and for UK residents who want to catch up (or indeed explore) the wealth of content the BBC offers online it really is a great service.  Relying on Flash I am a regular... Continue Reading →

Moonlight shines on Linux – Did anyone notice?

Life is a great for Microsoft Novell (as long as you dont mention Red Hat).  Moonlight 1.0 is now available for Linux users. - Lucky us. I would put money on many people not even knowing what Moonlight is, but... Continue Reading →

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