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NewsBytes – Saturday 28th August 2010

XP RIP 25/10/01 - 22/10/10 It seems Microsoft is going to retire Windows XP on 22nd October - no, really this time! As reported by one of the few MVP's I have respect for: ...Windows XP, up to this point,... Continue Reading →

Microsoft to flog the dead horse with $400 million+ ? – Windows Mobile 7

Cast your mind back to some of the Microsoft adverts of the past.   Lets reminisce with a wry smile at the shoe commercials that were supposed to be funny.  Let's remember the Windows 7 party adverts that were so... Continue Reading →

Two Android Apps of the Week! – FXcamera & Appeak Poker!

You could spend a career investigating the Android Marketplace, so with an hour or so to play with on my way to work each day, I can usually find one or two gems to highlight.  My only criteria is that... Continue Reading →

Firefox Mobile – The fox in your pocket! – Windows Mobile shunned?

Mozilla have announced the release of Firefox Mobile 1.0 (named Fennec) for phones running Maemo.  Based on the same engine as the hugely popular Firefox 3.6, it promises to have familiar features for the mobile version.  Looking at the promotional... Continue Reading →

Only a month on and the Kin is discounted?

Microsoft's recently released Kin phone hit the news almost immediately, with some people taking exception to its advert where Microsoft was accused of promoting "sexting".  This was just the start and after promptly removing the section they were then accused by... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft saying “Please use our products”? – MS pleads for support?

SILVERBLIGHT - THE WOULD-BE PANDEMIC, IF ANYONE HAD IT Theres a few pieces of Microsoft news here.  Firstly its been reported over the last few days that Microsoft is releasing Silverlight for Moblin.  No, not some .net chasing version like... Continue Reading →

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