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Customer Service & PR 101: Vodaphone attempts to silence disgruntled customer?

As if we need further proof of the commercial sector encroaching on the right to free speech, we have an interesting story from India.  Perhaps a sad indictment of todays business where they view the net and its billions of... Continue Reading →

Blair & Clinton show you how to “really” help the developing nations – “let there be Mobiles!”

This article has two facets, one is the very serious issue that is hunger, poverty and hardship suffered by women in developing nations and the other being the privileged lifestyle that Cherie Blair and Hilary Clinton enjoy which I suggest is not... Continue Reading →

HTC Desire HD to hit the UK in September?

Rumours are abound that September will see the launch of the HTC Desire HD in the UK.  Based on the same processor as the Desire and shipping with Android 2.2, the Desire HD is rumoured to come with HD video... Continue Reading →

PhoneWars 2010 – Android / Apple / Microsoft

Who could have predicted that the mighty brick of a phone shoved into cars so many years ago would not only develop into an almost essential day-to-day device, but also cover such a diverse range of tasks - from "traditional"... Continue Reading →

Marvin v1.3.0 – Android app of the week!

Driving home from London on Friday at 8pm is not a chore for me.  It's at this time the tech hour is broadcast on LBC 97.3 and no matter how bad the traffic, it's always a great journey home hearing... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Mobile Strategy – Clear as mud?

It would be of little surprise if I voiced my horrific experience of Windows mobile as I often cite it as a reason I will never have a Microsoft based phone again.  I think its safe to say that even... Continue Reading →

Trial – A mobilephobics view of Android (complimented with the HTC Hero)

Mobilephobia, can that be a word?  It certainly described my view of mobile phones in the past.  I never liked the idea of being contactable where-ever I was and the "advantages" such a having Net access on, proved to be... Continue Reading →

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