The Reality of Chromebooks/OS – Not as limited as you think!

My family PC finally took its last gasp last night.  It's GPU fan finally packed in, but then after about 4 years of being "always on" and used nearly every day, its done very well.  I would have liked to have simply whipped the cover off the machine and replace the fan myself, its not... Continue Reading →


Eye for an eye – RIAA & Limewire no score draw? & what LOIC users should consider.

I touched on this subject during the test recordings for the TechBytes Audiocast.  It wasn't appropriate to go into further detail in that show due to time constraints and much information to put forward  For those of you who would like to hear the "pilot" which was merely meant to check the tech that we... Continue Reading →

What’s your favorite IRC server?

Forget all your social networking sites and chat rooms, they are just pretenders.  The true original art of realtime chat comes from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and anyone who tells you otherwise will probably also try to convince you that Vista is actually good. After many years of using different servers (and I still do... Continue Reading →

Goblins identity is out part 2!

I had intended on going to bed, so this piece of "news" was a little unwelcome at this hour. That being said, since Ive already recieved emails asking about this, I thought Id do a quick update with a more comprehensive one once Ive gone through the IRC logs and presented it properly. Firstly Id... Continue Reading →

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