Why a start-up should avoid Microsoft? (MP+IT = #Fail)

It seems that  "Startup Britain" has hit a BSOD and we can thank Internet Explorer and Windows. On Monday a site was launched with the backing of David Cameron for "helping" entrepreneurs with their Start-up.... Oh joy, you know this will be good. We've seen what happens when MP's get involved in IT.  They don't understand... Continue Reading →


Microsoft’s IE at an all time low?

If people tell you that Microsoft "loves the FOSS" or is happy with alternatives to their products, keep in mind the following article.  Since it seems to me that when users are presented with an alternative to Microsoft products, they grab it with both hands.  Why would Microsoft be happy with that? - I'll let... Continue Reading →

Chromium (build

Before publishing an article which I am really looking forward to - Ahhh Youre killing the FOSS! I thought I would post an update on my experiences with the latest build of Chromium, that being Please note that this is not intended as a comprehensive review, merely an update on my observations with Chromium... Continue Reading →

IE 8 – To feed or not to feed?

In my opinion I have not seen anything more distasteful than the latest alleged tactic by Microsoft.  There will be no lengthy opinion or silly picture. Microsoft allegedly is donating eight meals to the hungry for every IE 8 download from June 10th until August 8th. Is this the new way Microsoft is going to... Continue Reading →

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