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Newsbytes 22/05/10 – Microsoft/Google/BT/P2P

GoogleWave, Google's realtime chat and collaboration product has now come out of invite only testing and gone public.  We have covered this project before and loved the idea.  Get yourself over to the Wave site and don't forget to check... Continue Reading →

“We’ve told you already, stop using XP”? – XP and IE9 + alternatives.

For those of you that are not experiencing the advantages reported by users around the net from choosing an alternative to IE, there's further bad news for users who want to stick with XP.  We have seen many times that... Continue Reading →

Microsoft been lifting code again? – & Windows Mobile decline.

I find myself writing this article playing catchup.  Thanks to my ever problematic ISP finally giving up the ghost and going down completely for the majority of the last week, I now have the task of getting up to speed... Continue Reading →

2010 – the year of the ….. alternative?

Im quite sure there are Microsoft advocates waiting in the ether to pounce on a title such as "year of the Linux desktop", you can see them yourself in action on any forum/newsgroup/irc channel where its dared to suggest that... Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s IE at an all time low?

If people tell you that Microsoft "loves the FOSS" or is happy with alternatives to their products, keep in mind the following article.  Since it seems to me that when users are presented with an alternative to Microsoft products, they... Continue Reading →

Chromium (build

Before publishing an article which I am really looking forward to - Ahhh Youre killing the FOSS! I thought I would post an update on my experiences with the latest build of Chromium, that being Please note that this... Continue Reading →

IE – What does Microsoft need to do?

I have been looking at recently attempts from Microsoft to push people to use it's Internet Explorer software.  As I said in my previous article, I think by the time the EU gets its act together IE will no longer... Continue Reading →

“Come on in the waters lovely” – Novell RH support? & IE Woes?

The "happy couple" Microsoft/Novell are going to be dealt with in the same post today, since there is some news for both parties. In an interesting piece of news it appears that Novell want to help Red Hat customers who... Continue Reading →

DILLO-2.0 & MIDORI v0.1.2 – Two lesser known browsers given a look!

I think people are realizing the benefits of having Firefox as the default browser by the apparent loss in market share that IE is experiencing.  I do like Firefox, but Im not one for addons or plugins so my Firefox... Continue Reading →

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