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Netrunner 2 – Blacklight – A new release!

Regular readers to Openbytes may remember the coverage we gave to Netrunner.   The first release “Albedo” impressed with its speed and its removal of Mono, which for some is not seen as the “gift to the world” its touted as being.   If you want a recap you can read that review here. The … Continue reading

Around the Web – Some gems Ive found on my travels.

Thought I would add a regular article which covers some of my discoveries on the net which have not received a post of their own but deserve a mention.  If you follow @_Goblin on Twitter then you may be aware of most of these, but for those that don’t hang on every tweet I make … Continue reading

REVIEW: Peppermint – Cloud/Lightweight distro & Considering the cloud?

Linux and its diverse range of distributions are developing at a very fast pace.  Nearly every day on Distrowatch I see something new and whilst I would like to take a look at everything, the popularity and demand for Linux distro’s means that I do not have the time to review everything.   In today’s … Continue reading

Cloud over the IT world in 2010? – Survey results & what next for Windows?

As we end 2009, what will be the hot topic of 2010? Regular readers to this blog will remember the questions I posed in regards to the resistance from some quarters about computing in the cloud.  My argument went something like this, if we are agreed that Microsoft Windows has the market share of the … Continue reading

Microsoft blames…….somone! – Only 1 day for this “blame”

Readers yesterday will remember our article “Microsoft China steals code from Plurk?” and the question I asked at the time was who will Microsoft blame?  Well, heres what Microsoft has been reported to have said on the incident: On Monday, December 14, questions arose over a beta application called Juku developed by a Chinese vendor for … Continue reading

Twitux v0.62 – A dedicated Twitter client.

I have to admit im really into Twitter, not only is it a great place to meet some intelligent and interesting people, but its also a great place for getting snippets of the latest news.  I was after a separate Twitter client since I was fed up of having to keep it in a tab … Continue reading

NEW LINUX RELEASES – Into 2009 with some great updates!

Its been too long since we’ve had software highlighted here, so here is a small list of updates to excellent packages that have already been reviewed here and this month have had new versions released.  I saw no point in re-reviewing the original work, so the list merely intends to highlight the updates. PokerTH 0.6.3 … Continue reading


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