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TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 11 – 22/11/10

Intro music: “I fought the troll” by Tom Smith.  You can find more of his work here. Hosts: Tim (OpenBytes) Roy (Techrights) Gordon (Thistleweb) Featured Track: SPARKLE” by Honey Sac (published in SXSW 2009 Showcasing Artists) We continue with part two of our discussion on Microsoft FUD and tactics, including privacy/security we then conclude with looking … Continue reading

TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 7 – 14/11/10

Theme music is by Tom Smith from the track “I fought the Troll” and you can see more of his excellent work here. We covered the following news/articles: JoliBook set to launch with JoliCloud OS Whilst talking about this mention is made of Peppermint which was reviewed on OpenBytes a few months ago.  You can find … Continue reading

Grahame Morrison – No feuds on his watch?

I read an interesting article by Grahame Morrison entitled “Feuds and rivalries are damaging open source” (where all the quotes are taken from) which I start (and not beat around the bush) by saying is complete rubbish in my humble opinion. After digesting his discourse I came to the conclusion that either he doesn’t understand the … Continue reading

When must you shill for Linux? – A rather disturbing idea.

How many times have people accused me of “Microsoft Hater”, “Linux Zealot”, “Linux Unwashed”?  Comments like these (and many more vulgar ones) are often thrown by a Microsoft advocate with no argument to any person who dares to suggest there is an alternative to their products.  Its easy to dismiss a point of view with … Continue reading

The Windows 7 problem that never existed is finally fixed.

Thanks to Roy Schestowitz of TechRIGHTS, my attention was drawn to this article.  I am sure TechRIGHTS will be covering the topic in more depth so you may want to check out the site shortly. It is being written over at ZDnet by Mary Jo Foley that the battery complaint (in respect of battery reporting … Continue reading

Microsoft gets two more retail outlets?

The good ship Microsoft is chugging along very nicely, or so they would claim, Ive noticed an increase in Bing advertising on UK TV, however it seems all in vain since the “average joe” Ive spoken with still doesn’t know (or care) what it is.  And why should they? Most of them use Google.  I … Continue reading


Just a few bits and pieces that I wanted to clear before the new week starts. Nintendo Sales – Fastest selling console in UK history? It is being reported that sales of the WII console have exceeded 6 million, which makes it the fastest selling console in UK history. David Yamon of Nintendo had this … Continue reading

Google Wave’s first Microsoft faithful attack?

Ive been a user of the excellent Google Wave for some weeks now.  Ive written about how impressed I was even though its still in its development phase.  Whilst using the service, I wondered from day 1 how long it would be before the Microsoft faithful would start to take a dislike to the suggestion … Continue reading

When is a RT Bot not a RT Bot? – Hashwindows?

When its censored by humans of course! Lets delve into the world of Microblogging and Twitter for a minute.  Lets look at how its rise in popularity of late has encouraged many companies and celebs to jump onto the bandwagon and facilitate something which I thought was a tool for social media/communication, not a marketing … Continue reading

“Stupid Customers” say PCworld/Currys staff? & FUD Training for retail?

Buying a new PC for some is often a daunting task.  Theres much to consider and whilst many of us take the hype, FUD and advertising with a pinch of salt, the customer who merely uses their PC as means to perform the “standard” tasks and do not see computing as a hobby, the story … Continue reading


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