REVIEW: ScummVM 0.13.0

Todays games are a very different affair to those of yesteryear.  Gone for the most part are the point and click adventures with limited cut scenes (if any) and multiple lines of text.  Todays efforts are a multi-media extravaganza of cgi, sfx and mayhem.  Some say this is progress, but I honestly cant remember any... Continue Reading →


SDLBASIC – The high-level interpreter for all?

AMOS.  That name may ring a few bells with anyone who owned an Amiga computer all those years ago.  It was a high-level language, similar to BASIC yet powerful to allow all sorts of fancy programs.  What made AMOS great was that it allowed some quite advanced software to be made by people who were... Continue Reading →


Well ok, not really, but a creative type on Youtube has produced this good little "poke in the eye" to Steve Ballmer and Microsoft. Really, does MS think this man does the company image any good? Ill let you be the judge.  Click here to see the advert! Next up, a more "serious" advert and... Continue Reading →


I know its been a few days since there was an Openbytes update, so heres some general news.  The reason for the silence was because of Software Freedom Day and other commitments to the open source cause, which, over the next few weeks, I will be leting you know about. Firstly, all the Linux friends... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: NEXUIZ – FPS Mayhem for Linux

Article by GoblinRFD Deathmatch FPS's are like buses, you wait for ages and then two come along at the same time, well not really, but twice Ive found a deathmatch game while looking through the Linux repository, A really fine and polished piece of work, after download.installation the game opens up into a very slick... Continue Reading →

REPORT: ACTA – The OpenBytes view

So that everyone understands whats being talked about ACTA stands for Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  It is a trade agreement being set up between America, Europe, Japan and pretty much anywhere in the world where piracy appears to be a problem. The Free Software Foundation has run an article on this outlining some of the... Continue Reading →

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