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Beware a softie bearing gifts…Microsoft giveaway?

I make no secret of my opinion that Microsoft should never be allowed the dominance on any form factor that its enjoyed over the years on the desktop.  After many years of introducing users to Linux and indeed other alternatives,... Continue Reading →

APP FOCUS: Blowtorch 1.1.3 for Android & a consideration of MUD

I am encouraged by the the release of ebook readers and their massive popularity.  As readers of this blog and listeners to the audio-cast will know, I am not a big fan of TV & Film, infact if it wasn't... Continue Reading →

Pearltrees – A link sharing service – rediscover the web!

There are times when you are surprised by the most unlikely sources.  After spending years heckling BBCclick, they finally highlight a service which was not merely old news served up in traditional wishy-washy BBC style. The service which I am... Continue Reading →

CREATIVE COMMONS: Oleg Serkov / Countdown

Its not often I designate an entire post to CC artists,  I believe the last time I did that was Jono Bacon and Severed Fifth.  Oleg Serkov is one of my more recent discoveries and his album had a track... Continue Reading →

Entanglement – Browser based HTML5 fun!

Ive always maintained that there is a market for those simple, addictive games on any platform.  You might be waiting for a download to finish, an email to come through or a message to pop up in IRC.  Whatever it... Continue Reading →

Netrunner 2 – Blacklight – A new release!

Regular readers to Openbytes may remember the coverage we gave to Netrunner.   The first release "Albedo" impressed with its speed and its removal of Mono, which for some is not seen as the "gift to the world" its touted... Continue Reading →

Man of the People – Another show proves free content is great for everyone!

After my coverage of some great free TV available online by producers who want to share their work with you, I recieved an email drawing my attention to Man of the People.  A mockumentary which is described as: This is... Continue Reading →

Around the Web – Some gems Ive found on my travels.

Thought I would add a regular article which covers some of my discoveries on the net which have not received a post of their own but deserve a mention.  If you follow @_Goblin on Twitter then you may be aware... Continue Reading →

A boost for legally shared media – new TV & movie titles!

This month marks the release of two titles which having been receiving an increasing amount of publicity - rightfully so as they are free to download / share and possibly give a insight into a new viable business model for... Continue Reading →

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