REVIEW: Zero Ballistics – Tank warfare for Linux!

An observation was made recently that Linux was experiencing a wealth of new (and established titles) being made availabe or updated.  This to me is a testament of the rising popularity of the Linux desktop (and subsequent demand for gaming). That debate though can wait until another day, as I have downloaded a copy of the latest... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Urban Terror – Linux 32/64bit

I think the first FPS I played online was Medal of Honor on the PC many years ago.  Whilst my taste in gaming is restricted to mainly RPG's (when I get time at all), I do like a little bit of mindless fun.  Thats not to say Urban Terror is mindless, its just I never... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: NEXUIZ – FPS Mayhem for Linux

Article by GoblinRFD Deathmatch FPS's are like buses, you wait for ages and then two come along at the same time, well not really, but twice Ive found a deathmatch game while looking through the Linux repository, A really fine and polished piece of work, after download.installation the game opens up into a very slick... Continue Reading →


My first online FPS for Linux.  A 300meg ish deathmatch game, that is completely free of charge. But how does it play? Very well.  The games are fast paced and there are plenty of those annoying experts who jump around avoiding your bullets and bragging when you are dead.  The game has plenty of weapons... Continue Reading →

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