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Microsoft take-down requests – needs its own house in order first?

By now its common knowledge that Google has released publically, figures on the takedown requests it has recieved from copyright holders and their affiliates.  Microsoft figured heavily in this release which is what I wish to look at a little... Continue Reading →

CRAMER PELMONT – 2 day u-turn? and what of the others?

The ongoing battle against alleged unlawful file sharing continues as its reported that Cramer & Pelmont were the "new kids on the block" in the world of what has been dubbed speculative invoicing or were they?  Cramer & Pelmont seem... Continue Reading →

No court order for Gallant Macmillan today!

Filtering through the internet is news that Gallant Macmillan did not walk away from the High Court today with an order for demanding names of IP addresses from BTplc and instead the matter has been adjourned to a later date (whilst... Continue Reading →

Piracy Bill – Has Ed Vaizey actually considered this issue at all?

The Telegraph is reporting today on how the Digital Economy Act will be met in order to tackle online piracy or copyright infrigement.  You can read the Telegraphs article here. People may remember that its proposed that alleged infringers of... Continue Reading →

NewsBytes – Tuesday 24th August 2010

The 360 for at least another 5 years Microsoft is reported to have announced that the 360 is going to be around for the next five years, making it 10 years old before it will allegedly be replaced (if at... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Amiga Demo’s Volume 1 (DVD-5)

Here is one DVD you can share and distribute without fear of a threatening letter coming through your door about copyright infringement.  Before reading the rest of this article, if you have no idea what the Demoscene is, then you... Continue Reading →

TBI Solicitors lost its bottle? – Law firms pulls out of file sharing “venture”

We covered TBI Solicitors in previous articles here.  TBI were the law firm who were the latest crew to enter into the world of warning letters and fines for those suspected of file sharing. According to Which? TBI, (which was... Continue Reading →

ACS:Law – Back in the news again!

or/ ACS: Law - "Slyck fought the law and er....the Slyck won"? Whilst I promote a copyright infringement free computing experience (as in FOSS), its often a good talking point for Openbytes.  Certainly many of the technologies involved are FOSS... Continue Reading →

Davenport & Lyons/ACS Law to get their very own warning letter?

In news that will certainly make for happy reading for some, its being reported that the SRA has sent two Davenport & Lyons Solicitors to a disciplinary tribunal allegedly following complaints from letters sent demanding payment (or court action) for... Continue Reading →

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