REVIEW – xPUD 0.9.2

A look at an out-of-the-box, Ubuntu based Linux distro with a bias towards computing in the cloud! No matter if you are a Linux user or not, everyone seems to talk about the new GoogleOS which is due to arrive next year.  These “big name” steps that are being taken to providing cloud computing will […]

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Chromium (build

Before publishing an article which I am really looking forward to – Ahhh Youre killing the FOSS! I thought I would post an update on my experiences with the latest build of Chromium, that being Please note that this is not intended as a comprehensive review, merely an update on my observations with Chromium […]

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Chrome beta

Since I had my experience of Chrome on XP the other week (no I havent switched to a Windows platform, please read here for explanation)  I wanted to get my hands on Chrome for Linux, is it functional enough to replace my Firefox deployment? I dont intend this article to be long, Chrome is still […]

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