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Operation Student – Microsoft tries to drum up interest in the ailing WP7?

In a move perhaps highlighting two separate points I’ve made on numerous occassions, it is being reported that Microsoft is to invest $24 million in a project designed to encourage Windows Mobile Development in university. The “creatively” named AppCampus is a project between the company from Redmond and Nokia where in May prospective developers/students can … Continue reading

It can’t be! – The tablet hit with consumers!

… it will be Windows Phone 7 hell for Windows tablets when they finally have a real showing. Certain tech “experts” dismissed them, they said the tablet form factor would never replace the desktop. Whilst this could be put down to their lack knowledge, what is more likely was because they saw them as a threat … Continue reading

UK Government going ahead with Open Source

Intellect 2012 Open source and open standards are the direction for UK government IT, the civil servant leading the government’s technology change agenda has said. Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/02/10/open_source_government/ More often than not, the UK governments grasp on technology/software is rather vague to say the least.   We need look no further than BBClick to see the level in … Continue reading

Like Father like Son (or Like Phone like Tablet)

“Mighty” Microsoft is due to announce its Windows 8 (enabled for tablets), which is rumoured to flop onto the scene on the Tablet form factor in around 12 months time.  As with Smart-phones, the once mighty Microsoft (who now seems to prefer to make money with Patents instead of products) is just as late into … Continue reading

Tech musings – Because I can.

Over the years I’ve kept an eye on the antics of certain Microsoft MVP’s.  What I find very interesting (since around April this year) their “advocacy” has started to dry up, one in-particular has made no real posts of note, with merely a few cheap shots at Steve Jobs and that’s about it. I wonder, is this … Continue reading

The relentless issues of WP7 – You really couldn’t make this up.

I find myself again distracted from a rather large post which will be focusing on the rather “un-secret” Usenet “secret” but it’s rather more relevant at the present time to report that yet again its claimed that Windows 7 has run into update problems. When I predicted that the WP7 would be lacking even months … Continue reading

Microsoft stock takes its largest dip in two years? – More than 4% according to reports.

With people around the world celebrating the Royal Wedding, good cheer may be hard to find around Redmond today.  If Steve Ballmer had considered raising a glass to the happy Royal couple, then the news on the Microsoft stock drop may instead have the chairs flying. It is being reported that Microsoft stock is down … Continue reading

Android apps get terminated

What’s the difference between a cyborg and an Android? I believe one represents a more human form than the other, putting that aside though, it appears that certain apps on the Android marketplace are being terminated due to being of an alleged malicious nature. This should be of good news to everyone but when looked … Continue reading

NewsBytes: Google, Bittorrent, ACS:Law and Sony’s Android app.

Numerous commitments have meant fewer updates on OpenBytes.  Today, I am collecting a few articles of interest which will hopefully be at least touched upon on the next TechBytes show. As we march into 2011, amid the noise and the haste, one thing is clear – Android is everywhere, whilst the year of the Linux … Continue reading

TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 7 – 14/11/10

Theme music is by Tom Smith from the track “I fought the Troll” and you can see more of his excellent work here. We covered the following news/articles: JoliBook set to launch with JoliCloud OS Whilst talking about this mention is made of Peppermint which was reviewed on OpenBytes a few months ago.  You can find … Continue reading

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