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The Circus of UKIP – on a TV near you!

The election may be over, but that means little.  The Circus of UKIP has parked up in town and election or not its show rumbles on. Farage is in, he's out, he's in again, but others want him out.  That's... Continue Reading →

Prince Charles – Letters finally out – conspiracy theorists disappointed?

Today we see the revealing of the "Black Spider letters" - Given that name due to Prince Charles' handwriting.  Ironic then that the first of the letters revealed on TV media were typed ones. There will be many disappointed people... Continue Reading →

UKIP, The Royals and other random musing.

UKIP are political pioneers!  Whilst most parties wait until they get into power before performing U-turns on their election promises, UKIP have gone one step further and U-turned before that.  With 1 seat the UKIP leader couldn't have had a... Continue Reading →

How open is your mind – A call from the cosmos? – Introduction

I'm starting a series of articles involving the channelling world and this is a prelude to that.  Over the course of meeting some interesting people, I've also met some rather aggressive and frightened ones that led me onto a path... Continue Reading →

Drunk in charge of a football scarf? – Cambridge Utd to conduct breath tests on supporters

There are so many reasons to avoid the Football League.  High ticket prices are just one.    Now there is another. Cambridge United are implementing a scheme whereby stewards at the ground can administer a breath test and should you... Continue Reading →

Katie Hopkins – Why bother? Internet villains don’t like apathy.

There are many people who will make posts to garner a reaction on the internet.  Go to any social media or forum and you'll find them. There are some people who make a career out of such behaviour and every... Continue Reading →

A multifaceted musing – Looking to the summer

If I look back a year or so I see my life was so different than that of today.  Time stands still for no-one they say; and unless you believe there are enlightened aliens orbiting Earth seeking to lead humanity... Continue Reading →

ChromeOS 42.0.2311.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) – A brief look

ChromeOS is a crafty devil.  If you are not paying attention you can miss the fact that you've received an update.  Its a little like a dog near to a buffet table, turn away and it will have a cake... Continue Reading →

Richard Dawkins – A strange tale of Twitter

I've very little time or interest for Richard Dawkins.  Whilst I don't have a faith myself, I have a great respect for those that do and will support peoples right to have a faith completely. Dawkins, for a man that... Continue Reading →

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