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REVIEW: iDeaS v1.0.2.7 – Another option for DS emulation on Linux

iDeaS is another DS emulator for the Linux platform that I discovered recently.  Supporting the dual screen of the Nintendo DS and allowing I am sure I dont have to explain what a Nintendo DS is and if I do,... Continue Reading →

FEATURE: WINE 1.0.1 – WORLD OF WINECRAFT (Wrath of the Lich King)

Do you like the title?  World of Winecraft?! There are many reports on Wine, with compatibility charts and performance comparisons, I intend to take a look at it slightly differently. I have an adiction, a guilty pleasure if you will... Continue Reading →


Article by Goblin[RFD] The prospect of using many different utils and/or dropping into the CLI can be daunting for any Linux user.  This is especially true for the new to Linux.  Ubuntu Tweak aims to be an all in one... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: TRANSMISSION v1.40 – The uTorrent of Linux?

Article by Goblin[RFD] Mention Bittorrent to people and you will get one of these responses, a look of childlike bewilderment, a look of distrust (after all you MUST be a pirate if you use Bittorrent), or you may get an... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: LIFEREA v1.4.22b – RSS readers have never been so easy!

Article by Goblin[RFD] We all like to keep up to date with the news, however, believe it or not I had never used a RSS reader package before.  I installed LIFEREA on Ubuntu 8.10 and whilst the repositories had an... Continue Reading →

SDLBASIC – The high-level interpreter for all?

AMOS.  That name may ring a few bells with anyone who owned an Amiga computer all those years ago.  It was a high-level language, similar to BASIC yet powerful to allow all sorts of fancy programs.  What made AMOS great... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: BOINC v6.2.15 – Its far more than just ET!

Article by Goblin[RFD] Anyone who has heard of Boinc will probably associate it with the SETI at home project.  For those that havent, you are going to learn something. Imagine the problem, you have data that would take even the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: BRASERO v0.8.2 – CD/DVD writing software!

Article by Goblin[RFD] I remember the days of Windows, using proprietary DVD writing software, Nero was a package that I used, and appart from being quite slow to load, it served its purpose well. With the upgrade to Intrepid Ibex,... Continue Reading →

PYTHON: TKinter video tutorials for beginners!

Article by GoblinRFD More of a link than an article.  I have always wanted to do a video tutorial, and always had other things to do.  I stumbled recently across an email highlighting two tutorials for using TKinter (a set... Continue Reading →

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