Future techNO!

I said at the time 3d televisions were unlikely to take off and certainly with the glasses requirement you don't often see your neighbours sitting around a screen warmly offering you a pair of glasses as you sit down with a can of wicked strength lager to watch the football. I said Google Glass at... Continue Reading →


Wrestlemania’s non-main event?

Since diversifying Openbytes and covering a plethora of different topics, what better an article than one regarding Wrestlemania 32? Grappling fans will be aware that the main event for the WWE's flagship PPV will be HHH v Roman Reigns for the WWE title.  I'm writing to tell you it won't happen in my opinion. The... Continue Reading →

Clean for the Queen? A PR Flop?

I'm not sure who came up with the idea for "Clean for the Queen" or who, after looking at a list of idea's to promote the Queen's birthday said "Yep...that ones the keeper" but never has been something good for the environment been met with such dislike - certainly on the Internet. Cleaning up area's... Continue Reading →

Northern League – my future concern.

I apologize to people who don't follow football and come here expecting to read about tech and other such issues, but as well as tech and science fiction literature, I have another passion - football. It is no secret that non-league is gaining in popularity as people realize the great displays of football are not... Continue Reading →

The unfairness of being organized.

Why is it that every year I leave all the Xmas organization until the last minute and somehow get away with everything working out? This year I'd prepared everything in advance, we'll be in the North East of England for Christmas and I'd sorted most things out well before the Xmas rush began. In November... Continue Reading →

Tiles,Windows and other ramblings.

Overmorrow I'll be getting the tiles sorted on the roof.  The recent storms have, I'm told, made the majority of tiles unstable/unsettled and need some remedial work, that's on top of the ones which went the journey.  You might be wondering not so much about a roofing issue I have, which I'm sure is of... Continue Reading →

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