OPINION: The best story-line in wrestling today.

We no longer live in the Attitude Era.  Storyline's these days seem pushed out at a great velocity with a diverse range of results from reasonable to cringe-worthy - and thats if there's a story at all. For those who are wrestling fans, its unlikely you won't know about the rebranding so to speak of... Continue Reading →


The true meaning of Christmas

I've learnt much this Xmas.  Firstly, using the word "Xmas" winds some people up. One of my lads gifts this year was the PS4 VR.  He's delighted with it.  I however, saw nothing during the periods of hype and the plethora of news reports about the fact it has a great wire dangling from the... Continue Reading →

Review: The girl on the train

As always I'll start by saying this review contains no spoilers and is my opinion alone.  The review is as a result of paying full price for the paperback - no review copy. I don't normally read this genre.  If I am reading fantasy or fiction, I like it to be very fictional or very... Continue Reading →

The “You can’t say that” Police

Scotland Yard is spending £1.7 million to set up its Twitter squad, which will have five detectives running it.  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3739348/Scotland-Yard-ploughs-2million-new-thought-police-unit-snoop-web-users-hunt-trolls.html#ixzz4HIGXGDeJ Sadly, today's post follows on from a previous one, where the world of a "You can't say that" grows ever closer. Imagine a world.  It's one made of eggshells, people tentatively stepping from place... Continue Reading →

Happyweb – a new Internet.

I'm a little fed up. It's in regard to users who complain about the very freedoms that make social media great - free speech - be it celebrities or anyone else that posts their views and comments publicly into the diverse and vast pool of the Internet, then complain when they attract comments they don't... Continue Reading →

Vote Remain or Leave?

I've championed diversity for many years.  I'm a strong supporter of immigration into the country and I still hold this view as one of my core beliefs when talking about the UK.  I dare anyone to mention the "racist" word to me when I say I wish the UK to leave the EU, because I'll... Continue Reading →

Aliens will invade if UK votes out

Every day we see a new warning of what will happen if the "vote leave" campaign wins.  Its now getting to the point where there are no more scare stories to push onto people to convince them to stay in the EU.....until now..... Should the UK leave the EU, I feel it is my duty... Continue Reading →

Future techNO!

I said at the time 3d televisions were unlikely to take off and certainly with the glasses requirement you don't often see your neighbours sitting around a screen warmly offering you a pair of glasses as you sit down with a can of wicked strength lager to watch the football. I said Google Glass at... Continue Reading →

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