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Demoscene: Interview with Romeo Knight!

It was difficult to know how to introduce this particular Q&A so I hope you will stay with me as I cast my mind back to 1989/1990ish... Picture the scene - I was a proud owner of a Spectrum 48k... Continue Reading →

Peppermint Team – Q&A with OpenBytes

Regular readers here will remember the Peppermint One review I covered recently.  I was very impressed and the project has had me re-evaluating my views (and usage of Cloud based apps) The feedback I have had from users Ive spoken... Continue Reading →

Puppy Arcade 5 & Q&A with Scott Jarvis – The puppy goes retro!

What was your first computer?  For me I started my computing life with a ZX Spectrum.  A rubber keyed marvel with a massive 48k memory.   It makes me feel rather old to think that there are a generation of... Continue Reading →

Digital Tipping Point – A Q&A with Christian Einfeldt

With all the great things happening in the FOSS world its very easy to get overwhelmed.  I could run Openbytes by concentrating on one or two subjects, but since I try to make it appeal to a wide audience of... Continue Reading →

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