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REVIEW: Chromium BSU – A top down shooter for Linux!

Not to be confused with the browser, this top down shoot-em-up is the latest discovery I've given time to playing.  When you look at the "traditional" games included almost as standard with many distro's, you have to wonder why the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Auteria – A Linux MMORPG you may have missed!

The world of Auteria is the setting for this MMORPG with its diverse range of landscapes,  from Jungles to deserts, mountains to caves, villages to cities.  Whilst you will probably agree that this is a rather common setting for a... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: OpenAstroMenace 1.2.0

    A title from 2008 that deserves a mention and a bringing to the fore. OpenAstroMenace (OAM) is a fork of the title AstroMenace and the work of Viewizard software.  The game, distributed under the GPLv3 has not been... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Urban Terror – Linux 32/64bit

I think the first FPS I played online was Medal of Honor on the PC many years ago.  Whilst my taste in gaming is restricted to mainly RPG's (when I get time at all), I do like a little bit... Continue Reading →

Linux Gaming – The RPG question.

"North", "East","East","Kill Skeleton" - The online RPG has come along way since the days of MUD and whilst MUD's are still popular (and are certainly a pastime I enjoy on occasion for protracted period), things have moved on somewhat.  For... Continue Reading →

Retro gaming: Dosbox v ScummVM – Who is the champion?

Since the Puppy Arcade review gave me a little inspiration for a few emulation related articles, here is the "battle" which I mentioned on Twitter that has ScummVM and Dosbox going head to head with each other with the game... Continue Reading →

CASTER – Coming soon on a Linux platform near you!

Without going completely off topic from the start, I have to say I was reluctant to sign up to Twitter, I thought it another trendy gimmick that was the sole remit of those trendy, texting obsessed mobile phone users who... Continue Reading →

ALIEN ARENA v7.21 – FPS Action on a distro near you!

We first covered this fast paced FPS some time ago HERE. It was with great pleasure then that I took a look at the latest update to this work. I can confirm, what was already an extremely polished product is... Continue Reading →

FEATURE: WINE 1.0.1 – WORLD OF WINECRAFT (Wrath of the Lich King)

Do you like the title?  World of Winecraft?! There are many reports on Wine, with compatibility charts and performance comparisons, I intend to take a look at it slightly differently. I have an adiction, a guilty pleasure if you will... Continue Reading →

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