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REVIEW: OpenAstroMenace 1.2.0

    A title from 2008 that deserves a mention and a bringing to the fore. OpenAstroMenace (OAM) is a fork of the title AstroMenace and the work of Viewizard software.  The game, distributed under the GPLv3 has not been updated since 2008 however that doesn’t stop it from being a great, complete game that … Continue reading

REVIEW: Urban Terror – Linux 32/64bit

I think the first FPS I played online was Medal of Honor on the PC many years ago.  Whilst my taste in gaming is restricted to mainly RPG’s (when I get time at all), I do like a little bit of mindless fun.  Thats not to say Urban Terror is mindless, its just I never … Continue reading

Linux Gaming – The RPG question.

“North“, “East“,”East“,”Kill Skeleton” – The online RPG has come along way since the days of MUD and whilst MUD’s are still popular (and are certainly a pastime I enjoy on occasion for protracted period), things have moved on somewhat.  For the better? Thats for you to decide. Probably the MMORG that has brought the concept … Continue reading

Retro gaming: Dosbox v ScummVM – Who is the champion?

Since the Puppy Arcade review gave me a little inspiration for a few emulation related articles, here is the “battle” which I mentioned on Twitter that has ScummVM and Dosbox going head to head with each other with the game Kings Quest III by Sierra. The idea that Linux users would want to play old … Continue reading

CASTER – Coming soon on a Linux platform near you!

Without going completely off topic from the start, I have to say I was reluctant to sign up to Twitter, I thought it another trendy gimmick that was the sole remit of those trendy, texting obsessed mobile phone users who have about as much tech experience as a goldfish.  I was wrong, when I signed … Continue reading

ALIEN ARENA v7.21 – FPS Action on a distro near you!

We first covered this fast paced FPS some time ago HERE. It was with great pleasure then that I took a look at the latest update to this work. I can confirm, what was already an extremely polished product is now even more so.  On the last version there was a minor issue with the … Continue reading

FEATURE: WINE 1.0.1 – WORLD OF WINECRAFT (Wrath of the Lich King)

Do you like the title?  World of Winecraft?! There are many reports on Wine, with compatibility charts and performance comparisons, I intend to take a look at it slightly differently. I have an adiction, a guilty pleasure if you will for World Of Warcraft (Wrath of the Lich King).  A Windows online RPG that really … Continue reading

REVIEW: CHILDSPLAY – An educational suite for younger people.

Its been a while since we took a look at a review.    We’ve all been very busy laughing and exposing Microsoft, its shown in the hits aswel, because in oct/nov I was averaging 28 hits a day😦 and for December we are looking at 80+ Its clear to me (especially after the kind emails Ive … Continue reading

REVIEW: GO OLLIE! – Platforming fun on our beloved Linux!

Review by Goblin[RFD] There has been quite alot of seriousness on my blog over the recent weeks, so I find myself reviewing another Linux platform game, this time by Tweeler.  I saw it originally mentioned on the Linux Game Tome, and decided to give it the Openbytes treatment, as I have always been a fan … Continue reading


Hi!  Ive been asked to include a mention (and take a look at) at piece of software not only aimed at the average gamesplayer, but also for the younger Linux user. The important thing about bringing Linux into your home is that everyone can use it, and whilst these days people are playing games on … Continue reading


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