A first look at: The Platform Shooter (0.1.1-linux64)

For many years, some "Tech pundits" and "critics" have claimed "Desktop Linux is dead", of course that statement is incorrect as we have companies like Canonical thrusting their Linux flavour into the mainstream with more people experiencing Linux on their desktop.  As indi development moves forward in leaps and bounds too (which many hugely successful titles)... Continue Reading →


Quick look: Spiral Knights (A Java RPG)

World of Warcraft this isn't however it would, in my view be suitable for younger players. Zelda and Final Fantasy are two names which most owners of consoles will be familiar with and whilst you either loved or hated them (in my case the later) don't think as a Linux user (or any other user)... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: RYZOM – A Science Fantasy Linux MMORPG!

I've covered many Linux titles over the years and given particular attention to the MMORPG genre since it's probably the only genre which I return to out of preference.   Whilst I find myself with ever-decreasing time to dedicate to arguably the most time-consuming gaming genre,  I do take every opportunity to review new discoveries... Continue Reading →

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