Reviews, freebies and recommendations

It's been a few years since I reviewed books on the back of receiving a review copy.  Whilst I spent much of my time writing professionally, this doesn't afford me much time for reading review copies and my spare time is taken up with having a break from a world of text. Recent news articles... Continue Reading →


OpenBytes book of 2014

2014 has seen some great releases.  It's impossible to read every great work and the fact that I only managed to read 25 titles in 2014 means that I've not even come close to scratching the surface. For those who have not seen the book of the year award on OpenBytes, I'll make a few... Continue Reading →

Review: Dark Eden – Chris Beckett

Today's book review looks at a world with no sun, where human colonists fight to survive against a hostile environment and the challenges of a very limited gene pool.  It makes for a departure on the traditional sci-fi theme. Dark Eden by Chris Beckett was recently nominated for the Arthur C Clarke award and has... Continue Reading →

Ebook Review: The Void by Brett J. Talley

The first eBook review for OpenBytes and since the format has swelled in popularity over the last year, it seems only fitting that now, when titles of interest are discovered that I cover them on OpenBytes. You can read this review safe in the knowledge that there are no spoilers which will ruin your enjoyment... Continue Reading →

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