REVIEW: Peppermint – Cloud/Lightweight distro & Considering the cloud?

Linux and its diverse range of distributions are developing at a very fast pace.  Nearly every day on Distrowatch I see something new and whilst I would like to take a look at everything, the popularity and demand for Linux distro's means that I do not have the time to review everything.   In today's... Continue Reading →


Wolvix 2.0.0 beta Build 56

Its been a long time. The last time I reported on Wolvix was in July 09 where the distro received praise (and became my distro of choice). After that date I found myself praising the distro whenever I got the opportunity, there was so many great things about it - out of the box compat,... Continue Reading →

Kahel OS (version 12-25-09) (Gnome)

The first distro I am looking at for the new year is Kahel OS, a distro based on Arch and hailing from the Philipines, it makes some bold statements and made it impossible for me to ignore!  Distrowatch seems to list a plethora of Ubuntu based distro's and whilst much work goes into them, most... Continue Reading →

REVIEW – xPUD 0.9.2

A look at an out-of-the-box, Ubuntu based Linux distro with a bias towards computing in the cloud! No matter if you are a Linux user or not, everyone seems to talk about the new GoogleOS which is due to arrive next year.  These "big name" steps that are being taken to providing cloud computing will... Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Karmic is the venue for Gnome V KDE!

Ladies and gentlemen! In the blue corner weighing in at 9.10 is KDE and in the red corner also weighing in at 9.10 is Gnome.."For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world..lets get ready to rrrrrrrumble!" I am going to keep this article short(ish) since there have already been many reviews... Continue Reading →

Kubuntu 9.10 – Karmic Koala

I run several distro's and have good reasons for doing so.  My most recent version of Ubuntu that is left on one of my rigs is a heavily modified 8.04LTS.  Having spent time getting into KDE, I thought there was no better reason to try out the latest Canonical offering KDE style!  I wanted this... Continue Reading →

gNewSense 2.3-deltah

So I have the opportunity to take a look at another Ubuntu derived distro.  There seems to be many in the DistroWatch spotlight, what with MoonOS, Trisquel, Mint 7 (Xfce) to name a few. gNewSense 2.3 is derived from Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) and has a comprehensive list of software pre-installed for your enjoyment. I... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Webconverger 5.5

It was curiosity not necessity than encouraged me to download and burn the liveCD of Webconverger.  Currently in release 5.5, this distro is aimed towards those who intend on using a PC in an internet kiosk type scenario.  Thats not to say that home users will not have a need for it, but as a... Continue Reading →

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