Reviews, freebies and recommendations

It's been a few years since I reviewed books on the back of receiving a review copy.  Whilst I spent much of my time writing professionally, this doesn't afford me much time for reading review copies and my spare time is taken up with having a break from a world of text. Recent news articles... Continue Reading →


Reality and Facebook

Having "used" Facebook for many years it goes without saying how much of an impact it has in many people lives around.  Whether you think that its good or bad that's your opinion, but the purpose of this article is to look at comments made by Chris Wylie. You can read the full article on... Continue Reading →

Television box-sets and their evils.

I don't like the term box set for this article. When most people talk of box sets we don't mean box sets at all. Imagine if Aliens from another galaxy landed here and the trouble they would have.  After learning our languages, they would find out the words we say often don't represent the things... Continue Reading →

RAW 10/31/2017 – A look at the product.

I took the opportunity to pen some thoughts in regards to my weekly viewing of Raw.  Lets be clear though, with the show promoting Raw as the longest running episodic show, it didn't start well for me, if we are talking worldwide, the UK's Coronation Street beats Raw by a long way, starting its episodic... Continue Reading →

The true meaning of Christmas

I've learnt much this Xmas.  Firstly, using the word "Xmas" winds some people up. One of my lads gifts this year was the PS4 VR.  He's delighted with it.  I however, saw nothing during the periods of hype and the plethora of news reports about the fact it has a great wire dangling from the... Continue Reading →

Review: The girl on the train

As always I'll start by saying this review contains no spoilers and is my opinion alone.  The review is as a result of paying full price for the paperback - no review copy. I don't normally read this genre.  If I am reading fantasy or fiction, I like it to be very fictional or very... Continue Reading →

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