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ChromeOS 42.0.2311.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) – A brief look

ChromeOS is a crafty devil.  If you are not paying attention you can miss the fact that you’ve received an update.  Its a little like a dog near to a buffet table, turn away and it will have a cake off there and carry on as normal without you being any the wiser. I decided … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins – A strange tale of Twitter

I’ve very little time or interest for Richard Dawkins.  Whilst I don’t have a faith myself, I have a great respect for those that do and will support peoples right to have a faith completely. Dawkins, for a man that claims not to have a faith, seems to have built himself quite a career on … Continue reading

Google Street Maps – The unexplained files.

I’ve a rather sad hobby.  I travel the Google street maps looking for strange and unexplainable events happening. I’ve now decided (after today’s discovery) to start publishing these.  All images come from Google Maps and you can search them yourself should you wish to conduct your own investigations. So here we have a chap dressed … Continue reading

Musing of the day – The simple step to being a successful writer.

There’s plenty of places online where articles can be found on “How to become a successful writer”, they are often long winded, occasionally contradictory and sometimes just plain wrong.  What entitles a writer to claim they have the answer to being a successful one? Who knows, but here is the best piece of advice you’ll … Continue reading

Digital Dark Age – And don’t tell me, Google is here to help?

Today we have an article about a digital dark age and how all the data stored for this generation could be lost: Technology could mean that our lives are lost to history, according to experts. What experts am I left wondering and what could happen that would destroy all the data? Lack of backup’s? an … Continue reading

Elementary OS – Feeling like paying them?

I’ve advocated Linux and free software for years.  I still do. Over the years I’ve also stated many times that proprietary software (and indeed software running on any other license) is fine with me, so long as the user is aware of the limitations and potential consequences of such licence.  That to me is choice, … Continue reading

ET is not coming and there’s nobody listening

We humans in the main, are social animals.   Perhaps the ultimate example of this are the Alien believers who need to believe in life outside of our planet, but moreover it visiting us. Is the desire to be “not alone” so strong that some people are susceptible to idea’s which go against logic and … Continue reading

End of the Google Glass? – Can I say I told you so?

I voiced my concerns at the time.  I labelled the “glasshole” as someone who struts around with a silly looking Google device on their face. It surprised me that when Prince Charles was seen with them that this didn’t act as a warning sign for the disinterest of the general public, who when faced with … Continue reading

OpenBytes book of 2014

2014 has seen some great releases.  It’s impossible to read every great work and the fact that I only managed to read 25 titles in 2014 means that I’ve not even come close to scratching the surface. For those who have not seen the book of the year award on OpenBytes, I’ll make a few … Continue reading

What’s wrong with ChromeOS/book & a general musing on silly people

Contractual obligations have me drawn away from OpenBytes, its a shame because my time doesn’t even seem to have the opportunity for many 140 character one liners on Twitter.  G+ seems to me like the social media that everyone knows about and didn’t want.  Its funny because I’ve noticed that it seems to get more … Continue reading


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