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33d1146540da7da9b2aa8cd30706d653I am a science fiction author & technology writer as well as co-hosting the TechBytes audiocast with Dr Roy Schestowitz – a tech talk show with occasional special guests.  I’ve written numerous articles about technology, most of which are hosted on OpenBytes.  I’ve appeared as a guest on several other shows and am currently working on some larger projects in the media.

I am a married with children.  My love of computing started with the Spectrum 48k where I spent many a happy hour trying to load data from tape (a concept that now is probably lost on the new generation of computer users).  I moved on the Commodore Amiga later on which became my passion for many years with fond memories of the ST/Amiga wars of the time.  I have been using Windows since the very first version and whilst my home solutions don’t involve Microsoft products in any way, I still have many hours of Windows time under my previous employers using Microsoft software.  I do not intend to ever return to a Microsoft ecosystem and I actively encourage the use of free (and better) alternatives.

I have many years hobby experience in C++, Python, Perl, Delphi and even (gasp) VB.  Ive dabbled with assembly (mainly 68k) and have a keen interest to eventually finish the many projects I start!  I’ve deployed Linux to many new users and encourage people to take an interest in technology.

My other interests would be playing guitar, heavy metal music and watching wrestling as well as enjoying the PS3 and the Playstation Network.  I am an avid supporter of football and my teams of choice are Luton Town FC and the Portland Timbers – a strange combination you may think? Ask me about it some time!

I am currently working on several literary projects, one of which is a series of short stories for a Creative Commons release in partnership with others and await a publishing date for a three novel series.

Why Goblins Domain?

The site was created to act as a better forum for me to challenge others opinion and to highlight the experiences Ive had since I moved from a Microsoft dependency.  I suppose the MSWatch site is to thank for that where I met many people in the comments section who would do anything to dismiss the idea that there were alternatives to Microsoft products and inspired me to create this “blogazine”.

Ive made many online friends over the years and Openbytes is also a place for me to discuss with them.  The growth in readership is undoubtedly due in no small part to their contributions to my articles.  I am currently the sole writer for Openbytes and until notified otherwise, all articles are mine and mine alone.

My articles have been linked in many influential sites, having regular mentions on Tuxmachines, TechRIGHTs.   Mentions on Lloydlaw LLP and Groklaw.  Openbytes also has it’s reviews featured on DistroWatch and FSDaily plus regular links in Usenet.  Trackbacks to this “blogazine” have also been present on Torrentfreak and the Official Google Blog.

Goblins Domain has been going for over 4 years and has always been a labour of love for me, I hope it reflects in my writing.  It has seen many changes during this time and now as I venture into the literary world, the direction of this blog has diversified into a plethora of other subjects.  I kept the name Goblin’s Domain since I have used the “Goblin” handle for a long time.

Thanks for reading.

Tim W (Goblin)

Contact points:

Mail: bytes4free@googlemail.com
Skype: tim.openbytes
I can also be found in #techrights on freenode.net.


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