Reality and Facebook

Having “used” Facebook for many years it goes without saying how much of an impact it has in many people lives around.  Whether you think that its good or bad that’s your opinion, but the purpose of this article is to look at comments made by Chris Wylie.

You can read the full article on Cnet – One of the sites I regularly read.

But is Facebook as big and powerful that some people claim?  Well some people think so:

“This is the power Facebook has……….They can delete you from the internet.” Chris Wylie – Cnet Article

I have over 10,000 followers on Twitter, over 500,000 reads to this blog and this is all because of my usage of Facebook is it?  If I was no longer on Facebook my online life would be that of insignificance?  Lets look at a few more of his comments:

“I can’t use Tinder now, for example — because you have to validate yourself with f*cking Facebook.” – Cnet Article

Wow.  Can’t use Tinder you say?  I’ve never used Tinder nor have any desire/intention to in the future.

Lets put this in perspective – I, like many people have Facebook.  I rarely post to it.  I think it would be fair to say my timeline maybe has 1 post a month.  I use the service merely to communicate with close friends and family (my friends list is about 100)  I only use Facebook for this because its what they use, if my family moved to another platform, I’d happily move to that too.  My facebook usage (or lack of) would have no bearing on my daily online life.

It seems in my view that some of the media needs to have a Darth Vader or evil empire to report on.  Details been harvested from Facebook?  Well now this comes down to personal opinion and choice.  Personally, I’ve no issue with my details being harvested, if I did I’d not have signed up with my real personal details to any online service.  No matter what the service and what the terms of service say, its a potential issue for consideration.

People have been told for years – by myself included, that if you put your details online, they have the potential to be harvested, reviewed or whatever else other people can do with these details.  It was your choice to sign up to any service and whilst people can shout about protections in place (or lack thereof) there comes a point when you have to make a decision yourself.  Do I want to sign up to service X?  Do I want my details on the cloud?  – That’s a call for you to make.

Facebook or any other service are just that -services.  You should, as a responsible user weigh up the pro’s and con’s of using the service in your decision making process to sign up or not.  The world will not end if you are not a part of service X or Y.  That may be a difficult one for many people to grasp, so I’ll repeat it.  – You can have a happy and fulfilling life if you don’t sign up to any social media.

And whilst the story of data being harvested rolls on and on, consider how many other places you’ve given your data to (and not referring to social media) how do you know if there is not any harvesting going on with this?

Fake news?

Moving away from any specific platform in particular but continuing the theme of online media, are allegations of peoples opinions (voting or otherwise) being swayed by fake news etc.  Come on! We are swayed daily (or attempts are made to).  Its your friends/family with different opinions, we all have them.  You presumably have an opinion which you think is right and you’ll discuss that with other people in order to get them to see what you see?  Is that not swaying?  The idea is, you get a fact, you corroborate it, you apply logical thought to it then reach your conclusion.  Something which it seems all too often in modern times lacking.

Fake news is only an issue if you get your news from one source without corroboration and a modicum of logical thinking.

In today’s trend for example, it seems to be the “fashion” to disbelieve everything from a government.  So if I was a government and didn’t want the truth getting out, I’d merely release the truth which nobody would believe, ergo my job is done for me.  – See how silly this whole thing is?  Now of course we should check up on facts (as I allude to earlier) but lets also ask the question of WHERE we are checking these facts and also dare to logically think for ourselves?  If we don’t and just blindly follow the “fake news” path, then we didn’t land on the moon (which is a giant hollow object by the way), there are Aliens in Area 51 sharing technology, oh and the Earth is flat, along with it being concave (where we live on the inside of the planet).

Conspiracy, drama and mystery sell.  That’s the news right there.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Computing, being online (The BBS et al) were happy days, we’d log on to talk about coding, or the latest tech releases, maybe play a MUD game or similar and marvel at being able to message our friends on the other side of the world.  We were called geeks then.

When the mainstream population discovered the computer, things in my opinion went sour.  We have adverts, spam, free speech where “you can say what you want, but you can’t say that.”, a thousand and one conspiracies and complaints that the things they are sharing online are actually being collected.

That’s modern day computing for you.


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