Television box-sets and their evils.

Unless you get yourself a Tardis, box-sets are going to suck time away from you.  I’ve already lost 5 hours to Under the Dome with nothing substantial to show for this loss of time.  Worst part of it is, I want to see the rest of the episodes.

I don’t like the term box set for this article.

When most people talk of box sets we don’t mean box sets at all.

Imagine if Aliens from another galaxy landed here and the trouble they would have.  After learning our languages, they would find out the words we say often don’t represent the things we talk about.

“I’m not being funny but…” – Actually means, I’m about to insult/offend you.

“With all due respect” means, I’m going to disagree with you and probably offend you at the same time.

And then we have box-sets usually meaning, streamed episodes of a TV show from Netflix, Amazon Prime or another service and in bulk.

I bring this subject up because despite having a week of work and a busy weekend, I find myself drawn into another box-set on Amazon Prime – Under the Dome.

The box-set time leech has slurped its way through at least 5 hours of my time this weekend.  Time which could have been used far more productively than a TV series.

I’m informed that Under the Dome would take a day and 1 hour to watch back to back and if I want to expand my Game of Thrones knowledge to more than just what I’ve picked up in comments and conversations I’ve heard from viewers at work, I’d have to invest 2 days 15 hours and 30 minutes.


There are many articles and reports of how the Internet can take over peoples lives and their time whilst the box-set has hidden under the radar, slowly sucking the time away from people and whatever tasks/projects they might have accomplished.

My point is, for those being creative, the box-set is another suspect in the “I’ll get my work done later” experience.

Once you’ve had that taster of the pilot episode of a box-set, you are hooked, there is no escape and I will now be with Under the Dome until it concludes.

Thanks for that Amazon Prime.  When the boss asks why the scripts are not ready on time or the corrections to plot holes are not done, I’ll point them in your direction.


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