Smackdown 11/01/2017 – A look at the product.

NkHBuydPThis is the second visit to the world of the WWE.  It will probably be the last for this blog, at least for a while.

Following on from yesterdays Raw, lets see how Smackdown fared.

I often mention WWE logic and we started off the show with another excellent example.  Here we have the son of the CEO of WWE standing in the ring, championing Smackdown over Raw and talking about Smackdown being seen as the weaker show, when the two brands are owned by the same company.  Puzzled? You will be.

Shane wasn’t finished and went on to say that Daniel Bryan was disrespected on the Raw show the other night (when he was attacked).  So lets get this straight, you start a takeover in another brand of the same company, you lay the beat down on their roster, drag out Kurt Angle the commissioner and show him up publicly.  Daniel then turns up on Raw and he’s disrespected because of what?  Payback for the story running the previous week?  Come on, this is the pits.  This makes no sense.  If Bryan was disrespected, then wasn’t Kurt Angle?  – and surely as the son the boss, its in your interests for both shows to succeed?

No real hook for the rest of the show given by Shane and probably only the fact Bobby Roode was up first on the match-ups would have kept peoples interest any further.  That’s of course the existing fans who know the feud and the wrestlers.  I would doubt a channel surfer would have the first clue what was going on.

The big advantage I see with Smackdown is the show is shorter and if a wrestling fan who has been watching for 35+ years is saying that, I can only imagine how the idea of 5 hours (and counting so far this week) of WWE product would settle with your average TV viewer.

Next up the WWE shows its creative prowess with a match later in the night set up between Big E and Rusev.  The reason for this match?  Rusev pouring Big E’s Halloween candy on the floor and stamping on it.  This writing is hardly J R Tolkien level is it?  Admittedly the wink to stars of the past that New Day were impersonating was well done, this would have been totally lost on anyone who doesn’t know WWE backstory/history.

The original Halloween banana as showcased by Eddie on the TV show Bottom.


The rematch with Corbin and Sincara, was hardly the stuff of legends.  We knew before the match Corbin wasn’t dropping the title and the only real question here was how long the rematch would be dragged out for.  The only entertainment to be found in this match for me was to scan the crowd looking for the fan who earlier was dressed in a giant banana suit.  If I was booking this show I’d have tried to involve him in the storyline as the Halloween banana was far more entertaining than what was going on in the ring.

35 minutes into the show and we’ve had an illogical opener, a match to please the hardcore fans, a dodgy excuse for a later match-up, a rematch and a Halloween banana.

Even the obvious parts of production seem to be forgotten here, we have Shane in an office? hear a knock on the door and in walks Rusev. So far so good?  Well since Shane was obviously in a “room” with curtains for walls, the knock at a door and the idea that he was in a room seemed a little silly as no effort seemed to have been made to hide this fact.  More WWE creative for you right there.

The Fashion files continued their run of un-funny segments.  Disagree?  Try to hear any laughter from the crowd, whose noise seems to be piped in from time to time.  This is not funny I’d suggest and perhaps its the hardcore fans who are desperate to be entertained and not willing to admit they watch the show for anything but the matches.

So onto the Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura match.

The audience got their monies worth as they were able to sing the Shinsuke entrance theme.  It was a good opportunity before the match to also promote Raw being the longest running show in history, which as I said yesterday is only the longest running if you ignore shows from the rest of the world such as Coronation Street in the UK which still airs today after starting in 1960.

The ending was as I expected and although I’ve no clue what creative have in mind for Survivor Series, I’d personally write a disgruntled Kevin Owens interfering and costing Team Smackdown the victory at Survivor Series.

And so the show ended.  Better than Raw in my view, but mainly due to it being shorter.

I’ll end on my previous observation of the WWE – They don’t write shows, they piece them together.

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