The true meaning of Christmas

I’ve learnt much this Xmas.  Firstly, using the word “Xmas” winds some people up.

One of my lads gifts this year was the PS4 VR.  He’s delighted with it.  I however, saw nothing during the periods of hype and the plethora of news reports about the fact it has a great wire dangling from the headset to the processor box.

In the age the wireless, it seems Sony has made a massive nod to the retro.

Christmas TV is as crap as ever and over in the UK, poor souls there have to suffer Harry Potter on rerun – because nobody has seen the films about 100 times before or has all the films on a multitude of media formats.

Rogue One isn’t a bad film and is everything “The Force Awakens” should have been.  Dare I say that I found the new Star Wars offering mildly entertaining?

Kids toys are no longer the solid one piece items of the past, you need a degree in engineering to set them up and then treat them like a priceless piece of pottery because they have all the durability of the announce table at a WWE PPV.

Microsoft Edge for me, has no redeemable features what so ever.  I tried to get on with it on a new PC Santa brought me, but just like a mince-pie – I found it unpleasant and offensive.

The true meaning of Christmas?  For many its a day of religious observance.  For me its survive -put up with the relatives, fix up all the gifts with a smile and stay alert.

Don’t expect the idyllic and vomit inducing representations you see on Christmas TV adverts because just like the products they sell, the reality is very different.

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